Prayers can make difference in our lives

Published 9:56 am Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jack and Pat Reed desperately need our help.

But this is a situation where money is of no assistance. These folks need the power and intercession of a loving God, brought about by those who pray for and believe in miracles.

The Reed’s only son, 38-year-old Brent, recently suffered a heart attack and has been placed in a medically induced coma. He has double pneumonia and has lost function in eighty-five percent of the left ventricle of his heart.

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As of Sunday, physicians at Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus have been unable to safely restore Brent to consciousness for fear that he will further stress his severely weak heart.

Brent graduated from Ironton High School in 1990 and has resided in the Columbus area for the past two decades. He and his ex-wife, the former Melissa Steed, have two beautiful daughters, 6-year-old Maryn and 4-year-old Madison (Maddie).

If you’ve never met Maryn or Maddie, let me assure you that they love their daddy. Imagine having to one day look into the gorgeous, innocent brown eyes of one of these little girls and tell them they have seen him for the last time. Imagine saying that to any child.

Imagine the fear and uncertainty Jack and Pat are experiencing right now. Their only son is unconscious and helpless as the medical opinions continue to forecast doom. Imagine not knowing if your own son or daughter will be alive tomorrow.

What would you do? What would you want others to do?

I’m not especially close to Brent or his family, but the situation weighs on my own heart because I know for a fact that many of us have the power to help. Those of us who have children would be devastated by watching one of them fight for their lives.

The hopelessness, fear, and heartbreak the Reeds are experiencing surely cannot be defined by someone who hasn’t found himself in this position.

Grave situations like this cannot be remedied by money. Jack and Pat have numerous friends with an abundance of resources at their disposal; but a life and death situation such as this instantly renders the powerful powerless.

Ten billion dollars would not ensure that Brent breathes another breath. The only answer is prayer, our free and open line of communication to the Creator of all life.

That communication, coupled with the fact that we were not only created to glorify our Maker but to do so by helping one another, is the very reason we exist.

My life, as with many of yours, more closely resembles the prodigal son than any of the saints of the Bible. I tend to lean on Jesus most when I’ve run out of options.

But two things I have been blessed with in abundance are Hope and Faith. No matter the situation, I know without a doubt that God is in complete control. I’ve seen hopeless situations turn on a dime simply because of prayer. The word “impossible” is not in His vocabulary.

Matthew 19, verse 20, quotes Jesus regarding prayer: “For where two or three gather together because they are mine, I am there among them.”

And if Jesus promises that He is listening to our prayers, they must be enormously powerful.

Since you have read this far, please take a moment to summon the powerful gift God has placed within you as a believer and plead to God on Brent’s behalf. Maryn and Maddie want to grow up knowing their daddy, their Superman, is always there for them.

Jack and Pat want nothing more than to have their son outlive them and be present in the lives of their grandchildren.

We all want the same in our own lives. God loves it when we call on Him. Let’s use our strength to help this family.

Billy Bruce is a freelance writer who lives in Pedro. He can be contacted at