The holiday season is upon us

Published 11:34 pm Saturday, November 27, 2010

The wonderful season of Christmas is now upon us.

It started with the Christmas Tea at the Lawrence County Museum. The refreshments were made by the society members and were really enjoyed by all of those attending the tea.

The style show was under the direction of Mary Kay Rader and Fondalene Alfrey. The models were Haley Waldo, Katie Higgins, Jackie Dufore, Megan Brown, Yehong Lucas and Lou Pyles. They modeled clothing of different years.

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It was very entertaining and interesting to see the models with the different styles of clothing.

On Thanksgiving Day Fondaline Alfrey and Sharon Bradshaw donated part of their time by opening the museum from 4 to 7 p.m.

The “Gray House Toy Emporium” is one of the most interesting displays for adults and children. It is a new feature at our museum and we are very proud of it. Stop by and see it.

The annual meeting of the Lawrence County Historical Society will be Dec. 18 at l p.m. If you are a member of the society, you can vote on the leaders for the new year. The meeting will be held at the museum on Sixth and Adams streets.

We are finishing the migration patterns within the U.S. with year 1847. We started in the year of 1800.

Historical Facts:

—1847 Thousands of Germans pour into southwest Texas, sponsored by the Nobles’ Association of German nobility; but the colony falls, but records of Nobles’ Association kept.

—1846 Dutch Secessionists from the Netherlands state church settle in Holland, Mich.

—1848 War with Mexico, U.S. gains territory in the southwest including Texas, many war veterans from other states buried there.

—1856 The Mormon Trail leads from Council Bluffs, Iowa, through Nebraska and Wyoming to Utah. Many deaths and burials on the way.

—1847 Severe yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans. Great Mormon migration from Iowa to Utah. This route soon became one of the main migration arteries to California.

—1848 Gold discovered in California, starts mass migration to western American and spurs great European and other immigrations.

—1849 Cholera in Pennsylvania, Tennessee and New Orleans, caused mass migration.

(From the Alliance County “Tags” Newsletter, February, 1995)

Naomi Deer, Trustee LCHS