Ochocinco, Sharper ‘talk trash’

Published 3:31 am Friday, December 3, 2010

METAIRIE, La. (AP) — Chad Ochocinco sparked a lighthearted trash-talking exchange on the social networking site Twitter when he posted Wednesday that he was thinking about starting a fight with Saints safety Darren Sharper before New Orleans’ game at Cincinnati.

“Who Dey vs. Who Dat this sunday, who are you going with in this game?” Ochocinco wrote. “Thinking of fighting Darren Sharper in pre-game just because i can win.”

Ochocinco later posted that he will “use the fine money after our fight n donate it to the United Way Fund” and later, in the same post, “It’s on now.”

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Sharper responded by urging Ochocinco not to embarrass himself, then offered some tough talk of his own when reporters asked if he and the Bengals’ flamboyant receiver were just joking around.

“You’ll see when his helmet comes off on the first time I hit him whether it’s fun — see how much smiling there’s going to be happening then. Then you’ll see if it’s fun or if it’s games,” Sharper said. “I don’t play games when it comes to the field. You tell Ochocinco that you got to see me on Sunday. Believe it, Twitter king.”

Ochocinco, who’s made a reputation during his 10 seasons as both an elite receiver and one of the NFL’s leading self-promoters, has about 1.5 million Twitter followers. The receiver also has made the good-natured ribbing of an upcoming opponent on Twitter one of his almost weekly routines.

Sharper, a 2009 All-Pro in his 14th season, engaged in a similar Twitter spat before New Orleans’ regular-season opener against Minnesota with Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.

During his back-and-fourth with Ochocinco, Sharper posted a photo of the Super Bowl ring from the Saints’ championship last season.

Ochocinco then posted