We must ensure thieves don’t ruin season

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 5, 2010

The holiday season should be a joyous time, but criminals and those looking to take advantage of situations can do much to ruin the season.

A string of recent robberies from South Point to Ironton have helped shine a light on the need to be smart when it comes to protecting your home, your property, your possessions and, most important, your family.

Almost every year there is a spike of robberies and burglaries around the holidays, likely driven by a combination of need and opportunity.

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Just like many of us, the criminal element within our society often feel pressured if they cannot provide Christmas.

But, unlike law abiding citizens who work harder and make a plan, some people resort to theft.

And perhaps the biggest problem is that more opportunity arises.

Lots of people are out shopping, leaving purses and purchased goods clearly in plain view in their vehicles. Many families are away from their homes for extended periods of time, leaving their houses clearly identifiable as empty.

It is often said that many criminals are lazy. Anything that can be done to make crime more difficult will greatly decrease the chances that one will ever occur.

So, as we near the Christmas celebration, let’s all try to be smarter about creating opportunities for those looking to break the law.

Let’s help ourselves and our neighbors by being smart and keeping an eye out for potential problems.

Having a safe, crime-free Christmas may be the greatest gift any of us could ask for.