Key projects now closer to a reality

Published 11:31 pm Saturday, December 11, 2010

It seems fitting that during this holiday season two projects once considered nothing more than dreams have each come one step closer to realization.

The Chesapeake Bypass — also known as the Tri-State Metro Outerbelt — and the Riverwalk retail and commercial complex both took big steps forward last week. Both these projects could have a tremendous impact on not only Eastern Lawrence but the entire county and the entire Tri-State.

The Chesapeake Bypass would go a long way toward creating a more direct and efficient highway system to connect Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.

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This will be vital for economic development and industrial growth in the entire region.

Riverwalk is a long-anticipated project that, if it ever reaches the scope originally planned, would provide an absolute beacon for commerce and tourism in the region.

It would provide office and retail space in phase one and could grow to include condos, a marina and a shopping destination along the lines of the Easton Mall in Columbus or the riverfront shopping area in Newport, Ky., across from Cincinnati.

The bypass was approved for $20 million in state funds while the Riverwalk inched closer to having its first tenants signed up.

These may not be Christmas miracles but their completion — and the jobs they could spur — could certainly help many dreams come true.