Grave decorations don’t detract from cemetery

Published 9:51 am Friday, December 24, 2010

I am writing this to let people in Lawrence County who have veterans buried in the soldiers plot at Woodland Cemetery know how sad it is that we can’t decorate their graves for Christmas or any other holiday or birthday except Memorial Day. That is only because they know people come in from all around to view to cemetery.

They have a sign up that says they will throw away anything that is put on the graves. My children and I decorate their dad’s grave to show respect and how much he is missed on these days.

The people who take care of this space in the soldiers plot evidently haven’t lost a soldier, a brother or a dad.

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They are just too lazy to get off those tractors to take them off and clean.

They must think it is a disgrace or eyesore to put flowers or anything on the graves. If that is so, then why is it not a disgrace to put them on in Arlington Cemetery in Virginia?

They showed that on TV the other night on the news as they put wreathes on the soldiers’ graves, so they respect their soldiers as big as that cemetery is.

Who are these people to say we can’t decorate and show our respect to our loved ones?

I hope there are more people who feel the same way we do and do something about it.

Minnie Kelley