Ironton High School Key Club plays Santa

Published 10:02 am Friday, December 24, 2010

Daranda Foglesong, left, and Tiffany Kinney, right, load up Christmas gifts into sacks to be delivered to area families. Foglesong and Kinney are just two members of Ironton High School Key Club that helped out 14 families for Christmas.

A sign in the front yard of a house on Ironton’s Mastin Street read “Santa Stops Here,” and on Tuesday afternoon, Santa did make a stop there.

The house’s inhabitants were one of 14 families who got Christmas presents as a part of Ironton High School Key Club’s Secret Santa program.

The families were supposed to pick up their presents during a catered Christmas dinner that was scheduled for Friday. Bad weather meant that school and the dinner were canceled.

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“When we canceled that we just all decided to get together and deliver them,” Kimberly Kelly, the Key Club’s adviser, said.

The Secret Santa program has been a tradition for the club over the past few years but this year’s program was unique.

Not only was it the first time the students delivered the presents, but this year the program helped the most number of children this year.

Fifty children got clothing and toy items from the program.

“We started with 25 and ended up with 50,” Kelly said.

Guidance counselors at Ironton Elementary School came up with the list of students whose families needed help with Christmas. In talking with the parents, it was discovered that in addition to the elementary students, their siblings also needed presents. So the club took on more children.

The children ranged in ages of 6 months to 14 years.

The 21 members of the Key Club bought the presents with their own money, as well as with $350 of donated money.

“We have a lot of kids in need at our elementary and we want to make sure that the kids have a good Christmas,” Kelly said.

The student members of the Key Club agreed.

Junior Daranda Foglesong said she was surprised at how many people are in need in the area.

“It seems like there’s always more every year,” she said.

Kaitlyn Brewer, 17, is helping with the program as a Key Club member for the second year.

“If makes me feel good to be able to do this for kids who aren’t fortunate,” Brewer said.