Thank you friends of the City Welfare Mission

Published 10:05 am Friday, January 7, 2011

The Ironton City Mission again this year, as we have for the past 66 years, been a “door of hope to the unfortunate.”

For Thanksgiving, we served 589 meals, large turkey dinners with all the trimmings and the pumpkin pie.

How thankful we are for the many volunteers who gave up part of their Thanksgiving Day to share the blessing with others and for all you that donated gifts of love to pay for it all.

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Christmas is always bigger and requires even more hours and financial gifts and I thank each one who had a part in helping us to meet the needs of 674 families with food and 1,216 children with toys.

There is no way we could acknowledge each one by name, but there were many schools, clubs, churches, Christian organizations, businesses, charitable organizations and individuals who came together with what they could to make this year a great year for those in need.

Also on our basket-filling day we had nearly 100 people here to volunteer their services for about three hours. This is always a blessing to have so many friends come when your regular volunteers are so tired and these step in and say, “Let us do this for you.”

I want to thank the other groups who shared their lists with us so we did not have duplications.

When the lists are shared, we are sure that everyone that has a need is helped and not the same one is on three or four lists. We are not just looking for numbers, but we do want to help those who are hurting.

Now that the holidays are behind us, it does not mean we are done ministering to those in need. The mission is a 365 days a year ministry to those who are in need.

We are able to help others as we receive support on a monthly basis. Last year we had a 10 percent cut form the River Cities United Way, which we have been a part of for many years. So if anyone would like to be a monthly sponsor, we would welcome your support.

Just mark your check “monthly support” and we will know you are going to help throughout the year.

If a church would like to put us in its missionary budget and would like to know more about the mission, I am available to come and speak on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Just give us a call at the office at 740-532-5041.

I understand not everyone can give monthly, but if you know a word of prayer, will you pray for this ministry.

We are not just a social organization, we are a Christian organization. Our services are provided without cost, regardless of race, color or creed.

I pray that God will bless you and keep you in his care throughout the new year of 2011.

Rev. Jeff Cremeans is the pastor and director or the Ironton City Mission.