County needs program to help provide cars

Published 9:01 am Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few weeks ago I saw in a local newspaper where people in Lawrence County, Ohio, donated vehicles to the Good News and Mountaineer Garage in West Virginia.

Their website is

My former physician, Dr. Glenn P. Imley, who practices out of the Holzer Clinic Lawrence County Branch in Proctorville and lives in Lawrence County, donated to them after hearing about them through a person at his church. He donated a 2003 vehicle.

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But when you go online, this project will only help if you live and reside in West Virginia. And if you get much other assistance at all, you don’t qualify. Then my question is, who gets it?

Someone who works, makes good pay and who could buy their own transportation? I could use someone donating me a vehicle. At least I would appreciate one more so.

I’m disabled with chronic muscular dystrophy, draw SSI and can’t work at all. I have no way of hauling my power scooter, going to the store, church or doctors’ appointments.

I don’t understand why Lawrence County couldn’t start up a plan like this to help people out.

My healthcare worker walks in 6 and 8 degree weather to work in the rain and snow, pays for her little girl’s preschool, pays rent, utilities and groceries and welfare won’t help her at all. She could use a vehicle herself.

I think it’s a shame. As big as the state is and all the money Ohio has, and yet folks who desperately need something can’t get a thing.

Just like other groups, they’ll take Ohio people’s money but won’t help you if you live across the river.

Michael Hysell