Mayor’s reality show appearance opens eyes

Published 10:17 am Thursday, January 20, 2011

On the surface, it may seem like just another publicity stunt: Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory will be appearing on CBS’ “Undercover Boss.”

For a city that recently endured a largely unresolved budget battle and is still facing a looming pension crisis, the last thing many Cincinnatians want to hear is that Mallory took time away from City Hall to participate in a reality show.

It’s an interesting premise that perhaps put Mallory in the shoes of some of the same city employees whose jobs were on the chopping block last month in a budget plan.

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Accusing Mallory of neglecting his mayoral duties to go “undercover” doesn’t take into account that this is part of Mallory’s job.

And, just as Mallory’s appearance on the reality show might have helped him become a better leader, it will also be good for Cincinnati.

As viewers across the country tune in to shows like “Undercover Boss,” the country is being reintroduced to Cincinnati’s many facets — and make no mistake, that’s a good thing.

So congratulations to Mayor “Undercover” Mallory. We’ll take all of the good publicity we can get, thank you.

The Cincinnati Enquirer