Celebrating 50 years

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ironton student Dylon Herrman waits for the start of the Eddy Test Thursday at the Ironton Middle School. Thirty-seven sixth grade students from both Ironton Middle and Lawrence Elementary schools were eligible for this year’s test that is sponsored by the Child Welfare Club.

Child Welfare Club marks five decades of Eddy Test

When he was in sixth grade, it meant a brand new bike. That’s what Mark McCown’s parents got him when he became part of the crème de la crème of Ironton students.

Now as an established city attorney, McCown looks at the day he became an Eddy Award winner in a different perspective. For McCown the test and its ensuing accolades are a way to foster a lifelong love of learning and promote academic achievement.

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“In today’s age where there is so much emphasis placed on the ability to obtain information at the push of a button, it is still important to recognize people who sit down and reason out the decisions over which they are faced and to encourage that ability in youth,” he said.

Mary Beth Nenni was another sixth grader who gained recognition by becoming an Eddy Test winner. Like McCown, Nenni sees the Eddy making a significant contribution to Ironton education.

“Kids go out and excel in sports and get awards,” she said. “It is a good thing for the same to happen with academics.”

This winter marks the 50th anniversary of the test that rewards the top sixth graders in the city. It’s the Eddy Awards and it is one of the best-known contributions of the Child Welfare Club, a group of women who for nine decades have focused their energies, talents and time on the youth of Ironton.

It was Mrs. Carl Moulton who first brought to the attention of the women of Ironton a Chicago-based organization called the Child Conversation League. That was in January of 1919. She went to some of her friends and asked if they could form a comparable civic organization whose charter stated the purpose of the club was “to provide for physical, intellectual and moral purity, health and strength of childhood and youth and to promote their welfare.”

Their first meeting of what was then called the Child Study Group was on Feb. 14, 1919. That winter the members formally changed the name of the group to the Child Welfare Club and became a member of the state and national Federated Women’s Club.

The club’s first project was starting a story hour for children from 4 to 14 years of age. Next came the Milk Fund to provide that nutritious beverage for youngsters in need.

But it was in 1961 that the Child Welfare Club began the project that today is still considered one of its most prestigious — the Educational Achievement Awards, now known by its nickname, the Eddy Awards.

Each year the top 25 percent of all sixth grade students are chosen to take the standardized test that covers reading, arithmetic, English literature, history, geography, science and spelling.

Then those students scoring in the top one-third percentile are chosen winners of the Eddy Awards.

Ella Lawless was in that first class of winners and still remembers how important the Eddy was.

“It was really a big deal for us,” Lawless said. “It was the first time and you were awarded for your smarts and back then no one was awarded for their smarts. It gives the kids something to look forward to doing. Their education is important and it gives them something to strive for. The Eddy is wonderful.”

There were 31 winners that first year and on May 12, they will share the stage with the 2011 champions at the spring banquet where honors will be given out as the Eddy’s go forward for the next 50 years.

The following is a list of 50 classes of Eddy Test winners starting with 1960-1961:

  • In 1960-61, there were 31 winners: From the Campbell Elementary School, Miss Minard’s class, Ralph Earhart, Bethany Bayert and William Stewart; From Mr. Clay’s class, David Bruce, Ella Lawless and Suzanne Swango; From St. Lawrence Elementary School, Sister Mary Rose’s class, William Riley, Mary J. Clyse, Patrick Barron and Mary B. Butler; From Lombard Elementary School, Mr. Hartwig’s class, Becky Richardson, Neil Dufore and Mike Orthmeyer; From Central Elementary School, Miss Davis’ class, Daniel Rapp, John Bailey and Kathleen Rollyson; From Whitwell Elementary School, Mr. Stapf’s class, David Lynd, Paul Fugitt and Lester Akers; From Mrs. Terry’s class, Carolyn Dean, Randy McCollister and Carolyn Whitehead; From Lawrence Street Elementary School, Mr. Fall’s class, Robert Newland, Delmas Cassidy and Nancy Cronacher; From West Ironton Elementary School, Mrs. Webb’s class, Gary Butler, Russell Bennett and Shawn Webster; From Mrs. Bartram’s class, Bill Berry, Alma Carrico and Pamela Lyons.
  • In 1961-62, there were 29 winners:  From Campbell, Danny Allen, Bobby Evans, Gordon Hall and Lloyd Kavanaugh; From Central, Stephen Ginsberg, Mary Ann Jacobs and David Spears; From Kingsbury Elementary School, Brenda Huddle, Jimmie Larson and John Paul; From Lawrence Street, David Brooks, Janey Hicks and Larry Smith; From Lombard, Sarah Miller, Emily Ray and Beverly Sher; From St. Lawrence, Tim Delcheccolo, Michael Citti, Jackie Hannon, Timothy Houston and Dale Motycka; From Whitwell, Dick Coburn, Chuck Harper, Arthur Sanders, Karl Wentz and Tom Williams; From West Ironton, Terry McMahon, Peggy Penotte and Tim Waller.
  • In 1962-63, there were 28 winners: From Campbell, Bill Bayert, Martha Smith and David Wheeler; From Central, Paula Leach, Patti Morgan and Richard Rapp; From Kingsbury, Martha Earhart, Susan Edge and Judene Howell; From Lawrence Street, Jim Albrink, Karen Easterling and Marc Weill; From Lombard, Patti Barber, Terry Murray and Paula Neal; From St. Lawrence, Mary McFann, Anette Miller, Robert Nenni and Thomas Unger; From West Ironton, Charles Berry, Steven Cox, John Haynes, Mary Mason and Beverly Richards; From Whitwell, David Burwell, Mary Dunlap, Randy Pemberton and Bill Rath.
  • In 1963-64, there were 28 winners: From Campbell, Connie Stewart, David Thompson and Terri Tompert; From Central, Cheryl Ball, Susan Dupree and Richard Kazee; From Kingsbury, Deborah Carter, James Spears and Susan Wilson; From Lawrence Street, Greg Cronacher, Robert Webb and Mickey Weill; From Lombard, Mark Eaches, Constance Roberts and Jeffrey Webb; From St. Lawrence, Susan Clyse, Timothy Conaway, James Kriebel and Lisa Thomas; From West Ironton, Steve Bennett, Susan Hughes, Marlena Gail Jones, Vicki Shelton and Guy Spriggs; From Whitwell, Stephanie Anderson, Samuel Greene, Shirley Stapf and Mary Wentz.
  • In 1964-65, there were 28 winners: From Campbell, Larry Holt, Jeraldine Kavanaugh and James Tate; From Central, Kathleen Auble, Hazel Jacob and Dorothy Lupton; From Kingsbury, Richard Eric Botkins, William Crowe and Earl Michael Fletcher; From Lawrence Street, Connie Bryant, Julie Dutey and Robert Lundy; From St. Lawrence, Mark Cook, Steve Geswein, Roger Klein and Michael Moore; From West Ironton, Timothy Brown, John Cox, Timothy Miller and Deborah Rae Smathers; From Whitwell, Bob Anderson, John Anderson, Steve Cochran, Ronnie Malone and Theresa Pennington; From Lombard, Nikki Hartwig, Betty Lambert and Kathy Saunders.
  • In 1965-66, there were 28 winners: From Campbell, Bob Bayert, Jim Cannan and Cheryl Ferguson; From Central, Deborah Jenkins, Timothy Rapp and William Riggs; From Kingsbury, Michael Fairchild, David Kouns and Patty Lykins; From Lawrence Street, Kathryn Justice, Donna Pennington and Julie Speck; From Lombard, Tanya Addis, Jane Bowen and Pamela Shelton; From St. Lawrence, Sandy Clyse, Connie Goydan, Jeanette Hixon and Gregory Isaac; West Ironton, Michael Albrink, Lois Emily Boright, Eileen Marie Brown and Jeffery Smith; From Whitwell, Deborah Kay Brown, Debbie Frecka, Gregg Harding, Paul Karnap and Christine Ward.
  • In 1966-67, there were 29 winners: From Campbell, Charles Boll, Charlotta Boll, Jesse Cain, Jr. and Keith Parker; From Central, Jacki Auble, Mitchell Bruck and Bradford Smith; From Kingsbury, Michele Cox, Cindy Edwards and Janet Spears; From Lawrence Street, Jimmy Burton and John Paul Filkins; From Lombard, Stephanie Alfrey, Tony Layne and Cathy Norris; From St. Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Gallagher, John Haas, Rick Mayne, Molllie Ann Murphy and Angela Zuercher; From West Ironton, James T. Holt III, William R. Russell, Jr., Sue Ann Schaffer, Greg Spence and Scott Spriggs; From Whitwell, Bill Markins, Larry Pemberton, James Thomas and Debbie Ulrey.
  • In 1967-68, there were 27 winners: From Campbell, Joan Justice, Cheryl Kirk, Tim Neal and Tom Neal; From Central, Debra Lee Breeding, David Arthur Shaffer and Leslie Jean Smith; From Kingsbury, John Pruitt and Wayne Triplett; From Lawrence Street, Danny Lewis and Bessie Pennington; From Lombard, Linda Berger, Dan Ray and Paula Wells; From St. Lawrence, Deborah Decot, James Gallagher, Theresa Kazenberger, Mary Beth Nenni and Tony Sinozich; From West Ironton, Richard Brown, Lee Bryant, Pamela Edmiston and Clara McMahon; From Whitwell, Nancy Burwell, Lizanne Green, Kathy Kitts and David Whitehead.
  • In 1968-69, there were 24 winners: From Campbell, Jeff Brickey, Valorie Carter and Robert McClain; From Central, Larry Stephen Belville, Carla June Morgan, David Brian Osborne, Ann Wheeler and Rayetta Wilcoxon; From Kingsbury, Jeff Markins and David Payne; From Lawrence Street, Mike Filkins and Paul Rader; From Lombard, Nancy Bowling and Rita Shafer; From St. Lawrence, Cynthia Holtzapfel, Michael Sinozich and William Walker; From West Ironton, Terry Baldwin, William S. Brown, Mary Francis Bryant and Nick B. McMahon; From Whitwell, Mark Fairchild, Debra Waller and Greg Zipperian.
  • In 1969-70, there were 27 winners: From Campbell, Nancy Hall and Dea Lambert; From Central, Barbara Smith, Kathy Smith and Tami Cox; From Kingsbury, Kenton Jordan, James Payne and Douglas Ward; From Lawrence Street, Debbie Atkins and Marianne Collins; From Lombard, Sheri Keating, Teresa Loukx and Melanie Alfrey; From St. Lawrence, Molly Cooke, Mary Kinney, Lee Ann Holtzapfel and Lori Gibson; From West Ironton, Belinda Gann, Terri Ackison, Jon Blackstock, Melinda Howes and Bobbi Hunt; Friom Whitwell, Charla Snead, Jana Rae Murphy, Keri Walker, Teresa Robinson and Debbie Lawless.
  • In 1970-71, there were 24 winners: From Campbell, Susan Harbage and William Moore; From Central, Joseph Dilley, Lisa Weber and Kristi Wineka; From Kingsbury, James Johnson and Rebecca Jordan; From Lawrence Street, Cynthia Ann Joseph; From Lombard, John Fisher and Keith Kerns; From St. Lawrence, Jane Conaway, Andrew Miller, Robert Myers and Susan Sierer; From West Ironton, David Thomas Crowe, Mary Lou Gilmore, William Henry Parks, Sally Ann Skidmore and Brian Leslie Wolfe; From Whitwell, Daphne Yvonne Bradshaw, John Burgbacher, Bobby Murnahan, Alici Kay Murphy and David Sesher.
  • In 1971-72, there were 24 winners: From Campbell, Jay Brickey, David Waddell and Becky Wheeler; From Central, Monica Bickel, William Cameron and Robert Osborne; From Kingsbury, Tim Sites, Roy Wilson and Tim Wood; From Lawrence Street, Kimberly Boyd and Michael Carmon; From Lombard, Sharon Howell and John Jenkins; From St. Lawrence, Rudolfo M. Avalos and Jonathan F. Jurgens; From West Ironton, Lisa Hilton, Gary Lutz, Teresa Murnahan and David Ratliff; From Whitwell, Greg Hixon, Tammy Kingery, Tamara Neville, Mark Tomondi and Alaina Wolter.
  • In 1972-73, there were 25 winners: From Campbell, Jo Lee Brooks, Barbara Brammer, Susan King and Mitsy Boll; From Central, Harriett Ward and Mark Potter; From Kingsbury, Doug Davis and Katherine Wieteki; From Lawrence Street, Chris Blackwell, Connie Aldridge and Anthony Lykins; From Lombard, Robert Clay and Kristi Moeller; From St. Lawrence, Kathleen Marshall, Patricia Gallagher and Douglas Conaway; From West Ironton, Lisa Ferguson, Daryn Steed, Pat Blackstock and Mike Rowley; From Whitwell, Timothy Thomas, Louis Burwell, Joyce Wilson, Trena Fuller and Kathy Birkel.
  • In 1973-74, there were 22 winners: From Campbell, Thomas Gordon, Angela Schwab and Kristi White, From Central, Kristi Blackwell, Kim Griswold and Philip Heald; From Kingsbury, Anita Cardwell and William Jordan; From Lawrence Street, Renee Bishop and Tim Hodges; From Lombard, Joni Johnson and Cindy Bryant; From St. Lawrence, Carl Gleichauf and John Lutz; From West Ironton, Norma Blackstock, Nita McClary, Dixie Parks and Kathy Wireman; From Whitwell, Edith Clark, Karen Rath, Jeff Wolter and Gary Ziemer.
  • In 1974-75, there were 20 winners: From Campbell, Terri White and Janet Rowe; From Central, Brent Wilcoxon and Randy Blackwell; From Kingsbury, Kevin Hayes, John Payne and Steve Sutton; From Lawrence Street, Cheryl Davis and Bryon Boothe, Jr.; From Lombard, Jamie Johnson and Randy Johnson; From St. Lawrence, Julie Gibson and Caroline Holtzapfel; From West Ironton, Barbara Bauer, Kent Freeman and Leigh Beth Dyke; From Whitwell, Cindy Lewis, Scott Willis, Dean Kennedy and Victor Bradshaw.
  • In 1975-76, there were 19 winners: From Campbell, Steven Koenig and Ricky Richendollar; From Central, Mark Pack, Mitchell Massie and Sherri Jackson; From Kingsbury, Annie Jordan and Patricia Lewis; From Lawrence Street, Joe Blackwell and Earl Sanders; From Lombard, Mitchell Markins and Amy Johnson; From St. Lawrence, Meg Pauken, Mary Pat Rist and Mike Kinney; From West Ironton, Jay Glanville, Ginger Stallard and Lorie Wyant; From Whitwell, Lisa Lewis and Leigh Barnes.
  • In 1976-77, there were 22 winners: From Campbell, Peggy Craig, Seth Holtzapfel and Kevin Richardson; From Central, Mark Fields, Susan Jackson and Mike Mahlmeister; From Kingsbury, Angela Large and Lisa Marie Sutton; From Lawrence Street, Kimura Bourne and Jan Kathleen Rader; From Lombard, Tommy Lawless and Carl Smith; From St. Lawrence, Denise Bodmer, Susan Haas and Jonna Robinson; From West Ironton, Jeff Glanville, Melissa Malone, Mike Smith and Mark Willis; From Whitwell, Scott Gaffney, Jenny Southers and Bill Thomas.
  • In 1977-78, there were 17 winners: From Campbell, William Bailey and Paul Koenig; From Central, Angel Deeds and Carolyn McMackin; From Kingsbury, Sharon Maxwell and Mike Sturgill; From St. Lawrence, Mary Lynn Dutey, Mary Lynn Holtzapfel and Sheila Smith; From West Ironton, Robert Boggs, Robert Blackwell, Becky Jo Boright and Rebecca McClary; From Whitwell, Joe Comprix, Mike Dunson, Lisa Morrow and Clay Yearsley.
  • In 1978-79, there were 16 winners: James Neff, Dwyatt Daniel Landrum, Billy Jones, David Lutz, Gary Lee Rambacher, Benjamin Moore, Mark Hazelbaker, Randy Shane Steed, Lori Fox, Paul Douglas Brickey, Julie Ann Dennin, Stephanie Cooke, James Ford, David S. Abrams, Michelle Renee Lambert and Sharon Ann Kennedy.
  • In 1979-80, there were 17 winners: Pam Koster, Trisha Lutz, Joey Jones, Jim Mahlmeister, Vint Henthorne, Amy Darbaker, Amy Wood, Robin Noble, Chris Johnson, Eddie Haney, Paula Pack, Rosallo Mosco, Missy Tackett, Jami Arden, Angie Wilson, Jeff Southers and Jim Milleson.
  • In 1980-81, there were 16 winners: Eric Moran, Stephen Schoener, Phillip Sutton, Devonna Crum, Kerri Kirtz, Lori Little, Kathy Eicher, Bridget Cloran, Michael Strait, Greg Smith, Tom Bill Geswein, Brian Rambacher, David Lees, Pat Bokovitz, Bart Rapp and Mark Gaffney. In 1981-82, there were 19 winners: Kristi Lynn Salyers, Jo Leigh Clouse, Teresa Ann Carter, Rita Compliment, Stephanie Ann Songer, Rayanna Jean Easterling, Tammy Kathleen Sanders, Karen Marie Laber, Amanda Jo Lane, Keith Ann Laber, Jaime Lee Smith, Holly Lynn Taylor, Michael Hanichen, Michael Wesley Reeves, Richard Lewis Smith, Bradley Scott Markins, Michael Rolland Dean, Jeffrey Allen Murphy and Anthony David Scott. In 1982-83, there were 15 winners: Kathryn Adams Allen, James Jay Elam, Dirk Louis Foglesong, Jennifer R. Frazer, James Donald Hankins, Christian M. Ingram, Chris Kline, Lisa Ann Mascari, Scott McClellan, Shawn P. Neff, Shawn Noble, Charles David O’Neill, Keri Scherer, Laura Jo Smith and Tyler William Walters.
  • In 1983-84, there were 15 winners: Patrick Good, Mark McCown, Jeremy Dodgion, Kimberly Nichols, Paul Destocki, John Redden, Amanda Brown, Jennifer Haney, Jimmie Rodehaver, J.D. Coffman, Kenneth Milar, Laura Walton, Brigette Newman, David Jenkins and Scott Colley.
  • In 1984-85, there were 13 winners: Bill Harbolt, Jennifer Darbaker, Greg McKnight, Matt Lynd, Kevin Kirtz, Ty Barnes, Brian Dalton, Jimmy Marting, Jean Paul Lyons, Eric McKnight, Sean Carter, Kevin Meyers and Chris Brammer.
  • In 1985-86, there were 17 winners: Steve Waller, Chris Akers, Lori Strosnider, Rebecca Collins, Allison Williams, Joi Frazer, Ben McCown, Hilary Meehan, Kevin Wells, Shawn Murdock, Ryan Lynd, Theresa Hacker, Tomilynne Sinnott, Matthew Hazelbaker, Kenneth Carpenter, Jeffrey Jenkins and Kenneth Harbolt.
  • In 1986-87, there were 15 winners: Helene Barnhart, Lynne Seeds, Renee Hacker, Tara Pennington, Michael Caniff, Joe Leith, Ricky Payne, Natalie Stough, Cara Haney, Rebecca Allen, Charlie Lawless, Jason Smith, Chris Delawder, Jeremy Williams and Scott Frazee.
  • In 1987-88, there were 15 winners: Greg Lynd, Jude Stuecker, Karen Meehan, Kendra Pritt, Sean Handley, Nick Medinger, Joseph Cain, Tom Pinkerton, Nick Weber, Eric Kline, Amy Litteral, Amber Graham, David Brown, Eric Hammond and Matthew Bryant.
  • In 1988-89, there were 17 winners: Autumn Anderson, Tomi Castle, Jason Click, Brandon Monnig, Joseph Dorado, Mike Gleichauf, Melissa Hankins, Shannon Hester, William Hester, David Mascari, Maureen Meehan, Chris Crawford, Jeffery Mowery, Chris Richendollar, Megan Smith, Chad Walden and Cary Williams.
  • In 1989-90, there were 15 winners: Micah Taylor, Ike Greene, Jon Jackson, Matthew Carter, Jason Ford, Beth Strosnider, Katie Bartram, Brittany Snead, Angie Massie, Brandi Madden, Kelli Coffman, Tara Davis, Ryan Crance, Shannon Whitaker and Sara McMahon.
  • In 1990-91, there were 14 winners: Mandy Bailey, Jamie Belcher, Erin Gibson, Craig Kelley, John Lundy, Susan Lynd, Christopher McClellan, Kelley Miller, Niki Milleson, Erin Moore, Jessica Reed, Katherine Smith, Jason Spurlock and Scott Watson. In 1991-92, there were 16 winners: Eileen Holtzapfel, Erin Brown, Jason Garrison, Megan Phillips, Richard Willhoite, Jason Cain, Craig Anderson, Eric Shafer, Eric Near, Amber Malone, Emily Price, Kristen Kavanaugh, Christen Spears, Derek Parsons, Sara Kennedy and Brandi Bailey.
  • In 1992-93, there were 22 winners: Carrie Arden, Ali Cronacher, Joey Dressel, M. Alison Greene, Jordan Tyler Hester, Amy Melissa Holbrook, Julie Keating, Colin Kelley, Brian Koster, Elizabeth Laber, Bethany Lambert, Chad Thomas Lewis, Dan Meehan, John Oakes II, Daniel Price, Shawn Robinson, Michelle Ann Sellers, Sarah Smith, Deryl Sweeney, Todd Terkhorn, John Webb and Anne Marie Whaley.
  • In 1993-94, there were 14 winners: Andrea Faulkner, Kathy Lynd, Kayla Brown, Abby Kleinman, Sarah Christian, Erin Roush, Joshua Addis, Amanda Massie, Alisa Philabaun, Shalonda Scott, Jodie Belcher, David Norris, Ryan McClellan and Charley Yaniko.
  • In 1994-95, there were 15 winners: T.J. Parnell, Christy Lilly, Rachel Near, Mariah Bentley, Lindsay Anderson, Matthew Walters, Nikki Fisher, Olivia Jones, Mimi Webb, Jordan Kettel, Tim McKnight, Rusty Yaniko, Adam Rudmann, Matthew Kuehne and Emily Wilson.
  • In 1995-96, there were 17 winners: Andy Brown, Patrick Milleson, Randall Jay Blair, Joshua Irish, Bethanie Vanderpool, Christopher Keeney, Ryan Brislin, Tyler Clyse, Patrick McGinnis, Seth Lewis, Jessica Imes, Crystal Justice, Ashley Fugett, Rebecca Saul, Brittani White, Aaron Watson and Tony Sesher.
  • In 1996-97, there were 14 winners: Sarah Bruce, Amy Cartmell, Andrew Cronacher, Honee Schritter, Matt Spears, David McGoron, Zachary W. Heaberlin, Andrew Vulhop, Matthew Wilson, Sam Lewis, Marty Osborne, Seth Kettel, A.J. McKnight and
  • Jeffery Parnell.
  • In 1997-98, there were 13 winners: Brent McBride, Nicole Heighton, Meghan O’Brien, Chrystal Rucker, Andrew Butler, Jeff Flegel, Jeff Delong, Matthew Delong, Lily Moran, Christopher Collins, Megan Filkins, Jessica Near and Stacey Jenkins.
  • In 1998-99, there were 13 winners: Kurt Jordan, Katie Harper, Christina Zimmerman, Megan Huff, Sarah Harmon, Erin Martin, Naomi Whitman, Tracy Mays, Jennifer Bellville, Alex Collins, Tyler Dane McDaniels, Patrick Kouns and Kristen Crabtree.
  • In 1999-2000, there were 13 winners: Wesley Barnett, Julie Bellville, Matthew Caldwell, Casey Compston, Micah Crowe, B. Nicholas Davis, Amanda R. Harper, Garrett King, Joshua Morgan, Kelly Renee Payne, Joshua Riedel, Aleisha Sabo and Cortni Schneider.
  • In 2000-2001, there were 13 winners: Mandi Boykin, Lindsay Dressel, Brandon Heighton, Lauren Knipp, Jesse LaSalle, Shante Lewis, Jennifer Mongold, Ryan Schwab, Sophie Schwab, Tim Vandermosten, Jenna Waldo, Rachel Walker and Tiffany West.
  • In 2001-2002, there were 12 winners: Lorenzo Akers, Caitlin Allahah Hart, Drew Kuehne, Cory
  • McKnight, Rachel Mize, Ashley E. Moritz, Rebecca Pack, Kathryn Rath, Tyler Sesher, Grace Seward, Travis Shope, Katie Stewart.
  • In 2002-2003, there were 15 winners: Lukus Aldridge, Caleb Blackburn, Shayla Bradshaw, Jessica Conroy, Marissa Delong, Ashley Gannon, Caleb Matthew Hammond, Chad Harvey, Jamie Jenkins, Michael Kennedy, Zach McCarty, Gage Murphy, Katie Schwab, Jade Shope and Erik Stewart. In 2003-2004, there were 12 winners: Wyatt Atkins, Sara Basedow, Jennifer Boggess, Makenzie Boggs, Jacob Hock, Kara Jordan, David Markins, Dylan Markins, Jonathan A. Norris, David Andrew Roberts, Ryan Sias and Chris Warner.
  • In 2004-2005, there were 12 winners: Payton Blair, Alexa Boggs, Andrew Hicks, Leslie Hock, Levi Hopkins, Maclean James, Sarah Lambert, Adam Moore, Michael B. O’Bryant, Sean Poole, Audrey Stewart and Brian Warner.
  • In 2005-2006, there were 12 winners: Brandon Barker, Tori Crabtree, Abbie Crowe, Emily Davis, Schylar Fields, Isaac Johnson, Nolan Johnson, Tiffany Kinney, Torie Mollett, Abbey Sweeney, Colleen Walker and Morgan Weisgarber.
  • In 2006-2007, there were 14 winners: Trenton Barnett, Allison Hixon, Glennie Hopkins, Madison Jackson, Karlee McMackin, Jordan McMaster, Rebekkah Potter, Alexis Riggle, Mallory Kay Rist, Nick Roach, Austin Rowe, Molly Sergent, Zachary Waddle and Cody Wise.
  • In 2007-2008, there were 10 winners: Mackenzie Ackerson, Kara Addis, Jacob Barber, Saige Fields, Hailee Haas, Ashton McMackin, Joseph Payton, Ashley Scharfenberg, Maggie Thomas and Haley Waldo.
  • In 2008-2009, there were 10 winners: Allison Hunt, Chris Lewis, Elijah L. Lutz, Kylee Metzger, Hannah Miller, Megan Murphy, Alex Owens, Madison Lynn Riedel, Brooklyn Shope and Lena Williams.
  • In 2009-2010, there were 9 winners: Emily Anderson, Logan Carrico, Zachary Freeman, Shyla Brianne Gaskins, Logan Augustus Gleichauf, Nathan McCorcle, Tyler Milleson, Parker Rowe and Donnie Stapleton III. The 2010-2011 winners will be announced in April.