Super Bowl needs to be about football

Published 1:30 am Monday, February 7, 2011

The Super Bowl appeared to be a good game on the surface. Big plays with both good offense and defense. A 31-25 score indicates a very entertaining matchup.

So why do we need the Super Bowl to be the second coming of the Academy Awards?

Instead of the game standing on its merit as the championship of the NFL, the league wants us to see all the celebrities in attendance. You know, those celebrities that you don’t see all year but are quick to take the seats of those who support their teams game after game, year after year.

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Speaking of seats, Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones wanted to set a record for the largest Super Bowl attendance but instead left 400 outside the stadium and another 850 relocated because the temporary seats he installed were deemed “unsafe.”

The fans were paid three times the face value, but they didn’t want refunds. They wanted to see the game. It might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Heck, the refunds didn’t cover their expenses for the trip.

Maybe Ron Howard, John Travolta and others could give up their seats to the real fans, not the ones in town for a Hollywood party held in Texas. Tell Alex Rodriguez to treat Cameron Diaz to dinner and a movie for their date.

Even before the kickoff the troubles began. Christina Aguilera flubbed a line as she sang the national anthem. She can be forgiven. It happens. I still don’t understand why the lyrics aren’t on the JumboTron so everyone can sing along if they want.

The real problem with singing the anthem is the idea the artist needs to perform like they’re in concert. It’s a tribute to America and the freedom to play the game. Whitney Houston did a great job, but since then too many artist want to make it a pop tune.

And the entertainment woes didn’t stop there. In fact, they got worse.

So forget I dozed off late in the first quarter and didn’t even see the halftime show. Please don’t say I missed it because I didn’t miss it at all. I got lucky and didn’t see it.

The NFL wants to attract the younger fans so they try to have a halftime show that caters to them. And there is a problem regarding who to book for the gig ever since Janet Jackson decided to wear her Playboy outfit in 2004.

You can forget ever seeing a country artist. Hollywood wouldn’t approve. Someone like a former player and football fan such as Toby Keith might rub the snob community the wrong way. Too bad when you consider Green Bay and Pittsburgh are the two biggest blue collar big cities in America and would appreciate him.

Why not compromise and get someone like Taylor Swift? With the reviews of the Black Eyed Peas so negative, I think we should lobby for The Fugitives next year. I promise they’d be more entertaining.

And isn’t the Super Bowl supposed to be about entertainment instead of football?


Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.