‘Obamacare’ doesn’t look good in light of real world

Published 10:17 am Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the recent letter, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,”I wish the author would read the Obama health care bill that was signed into law. If he knew what was in it, he wouldn’t tout it as the best.

First, its not the federal government’s place to supply everything that “everyone needs and wants.”

Why do you feel that “free health care” is what the government is to provide for all people. This is just why we need so many illegals in this country, because the government has played “Big Daddy” for so long.

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That people think the Government should pay for everything, hint the government has no money, but what taxes the working man pays. We do need to “fix health care, but not this way.

As for the Obama health care that was passed last year that is touted as the best. Well here are some facts that have happened to my family — and if you have worked and are over 65 years probably to yours too.

Before “Obamacare” my drugs were tier 1 and one was tier 3. Now those same drugs are tier 3 and the one is now tier 4, meaning my payment is 35 percent of the drug cost and by July I’ll be in the “donut hole” meaning for those months for the rest of the year I’ll pay the total cost.

Yes, thank you Mr. Obama.

Also you evidently do not understand that those who will receive “free health care” are falling into an unfunded mandate passed on to the state of Ohio and all other states, meaning Ohio will be given a debt of more than $300 billion that we have no way to pay.

When you graduate and get a job and have to pay extra taxes and more for your insurance, yes my insurance went up, and things that used to be counted towards the maximum out of pocket.

Well, they now say some of the procedures are not covered and do not count towards out-of-pocket, meaning. I have the pleasure of paying for them myself.

Again, thanks Mr. Obama. I live in the real world not the make believe one that some people do.

Homer Campbell