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Man gets eight years for bank robbery

A man who robbed an Ironton bank will spend the next eight years in prison for the crime.

Talmadge M. Bacon, 30, of 416 Walnut St., Ironton, pleaded guilty to robbery and tampering with evidence Wednesday in Lawrence County Common Pleas Court.

Judge Charles Cooper sentenced Bacon to eight years, the maximum penalty for second-degree robbery.

Bacon’s charges stem from a robbery at US Bank in Ironton Jan. 5. The man, who wore a dark coat, ball cap, scarf and sunglasses, passed a bank teller a note demanding money and indicating that he had explosives.

He got away with approximately $1,600, Lawrence County Assistant Prosecutor Brigham Anderson said.

The next day, Bacon disposed of the disguise used in the robbery, which led to the tampering with evidence charge.

Cooper also sentenced Bacon to five years in prison for tampering with evidence. The sentence will be served at the same time he serves eight years for robbery, for a total of eight years.

Bacon’s defense attorney, Warren Morford, told the court his client has a drug addiction and mental health issues and that he robbed the bank to provide for his three small children and pay his rent.

The man did not leave his house that day with intentions to rob the bank, Morford told the court. “The idea popped into his head I guess when he saw the bank,” he said.

Anderson disagreed.

“I think he fully intended to rob a bank,” Anderson said in an interview after the sentencing.

He added that the $1,600 Bacon stole was used on drugs, not food for his children. None of the money was recovered.

In other cases:

Donald S. Caldwell, 48, of 1132 County Road 19, Kitts Hill, pleaded guilty to two counts of abduction and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The man was involved in a single-vehicle accident while he was intoxicated.

When a driver slowed down to ask if he needed assistance, the man insisted that she take him to a street near where he lives.

Caldwell said he is sorry for making the woman scared.

“I just was really confused and scared and knew my girlfriend was at the house and I really wanted to get back there,” Caldwell said.

Bowling sentenced Caldwell to four years of community-controlled sanctions and ordered him to successfully complete the STAR community justice program. Caldwell will also have a $1,500 fine and a one-year driver’s license suspension. Additionally, a device will be placed on the man’s car’s ignition that will not allow it to start if the driver is impaired.

Richard Farris, 27, of 1078 Township Road 309, Chesapeake, admitted violating the terms of his community-controlled sanctions. Cooper sentenced Farris to 18 months in prison and ordered him to pay court courts.

Dana Cox, 27, of 2308 S. Ninth St., Ironton, admitted a CCS violation. Cooper sentenced Cox to the STAR community justice program and ordered her to pay court costs.

Joseph Weed, 27, of 212 Mason St., South Point, admitted a CCS violation.

Bowling sentenced Weed to three years in prison with credit for time served.

Tonya Hardy, 22, of 25 Township Road 1067, South Point, admitted to a CCS violation. Cooper sentenced Hardy to four years in prison with credit for time served.

Adam Honaker, 22, of 1606 County Road 123, Chesapeake, pleaded guilty to menacing by stalking.

Bowling sentenced Honaker to four years of CCS and ordered him to successfully complete the STAR community justice program. The judge also imposed a restraining order against Honaker on behalf of the victim and ordered him to serve 30 days of community service.

Brian Kelley, 26, of 485 Township Road 247, Kitts Hill, pleaded no contest to a CCS violation.

Bowling found him guilty and sentenced Kelley to four years of CCS and ordered him to successfully complete the STAR program.

Joyce L. Wikoff, 36, of 2418 S. Fourth St., Ironton, pleaded guilty to possession of crack cocaine, a fourth-degree felony. Bowling sentenced Wikoff to four years of CCS and ordered her to successfully complete the STAR community justice program.