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Transportation entity offers another tool

Like the blocks and concrete that make a house strong, roads and infrastructure are the foundation of economic development and a stable community.

With that in mind, the county recently approved the creation of a Transportation Improvement District, a move that got little fanfare but will provide a valuable tool as the county tries to move forward with its growth and prosperity plans

Similar to a port authority, the TID is essentially a quasi-governmental agency that can speed up the wheels of bureaucracy and push transportation projects forward much quicker than would otherwise be possible.

With so many massive transportation projects on the horizon, such as replacing the Ironton-Russell Bridge, completing the Tri-State Metro Outerbelt and pushing for overall improvements to the roadways, having this improvement district in place is a positive step that puts Lawrence County in a select group.

Transportation and infrastructure will remain crucial components to the continued economic development of our county and the entire Tri-State.

Having more financing flexibility and latitude to move projects forward at our timetable will give us a stronger foundation to continue to build upon.