Commission seat needs filled quickly

Published 10:12 am Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Lawrence County Republican Central Committee must move quickly, but be smart in doing so, to fill the vacant county commission seat.

The opening was created this week when Commissioner Jason Stephens took over the office of auditor for which he was elected in November. The guidelines mean the central committee must wait at least 5 days and not more than 45 days from the time of the vacancy to fill the position.

However, candidates interested in the post made their intentions clear weeks ago and there is no reason to delay this decision.

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The Lawrence County Commission is a three-member board. Right now, there are only two members, which is the required number to adopt any legislation or spend money.

If something would happen to either Les Boggs or Paul Herrell, the county would face a serious dilemma when it comes to approving bills and signing off on payroll since two members are required.

The commission could choose to appoint someone to fill the seat for two or three weeks but that really doesn’t make sense and doesn’t seem conducive to progress.

The Republican Central Committee has had enough time to consider the candidates.

Now is the time to put agendas, favoritism and inter-party politics aside and choose the individual who will best help lead this county forward.