Pastor lets actions do the talking

Published 10:41 am Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jason Sharp decided that one of the best ways for him to follow God’s word was through his own actions.

Sharp, a youth pastor at First United Methodist church in Ironton, didn’t have to look far to find a proverbial flock that needed a little tending.

In fact, he basically just had to look right out the church’s front door to see men and women who are often hurting, in need of some basic human compassion.

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Sharp saw dozens of people lined up outside the Lawrence County Jail, often there for several hours, waiting to see a loved one. Throughout the heat, the cold and the rain, people wait to see the inmates.

Rather than judging the souls of those incarcerated or casting shame on these men and women, Sharp simply wanted to help provide comfort.

It started simply enough. The church had bottles of water just taking up space. Why not give them to those who are in need?

Then it became the occasional hot chocolate. Now it has grown into weekly missionary work to provide a drink or two, to just listen and offer positive words of encouragement, maybe offering a glimmer of hope for those who would otherwise have none.

For his selflessness and initiative to lead with actions more than words, Sharp is recognized in this week’s “Good News, Good Neighbors” spotlight.

We hope he continues to make a difference one cup at a time.