Liberal articles don’t offer any real solutions

Published 9:30 am Friday, April 22, 2011

This letter is for those that would like to have a change of venue when it comes to the liberal point of view that seems to permeate this newspaper.

The point of view that I am referring to is the one that continues to print a column that many here seem to take issue with.

I am not against an opposing point of view as many here would agree it is the weekly editorial that comes from one who proclaims himself as a former instructor but does not provide his educational background.

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He writes very liberal views that may appeal to some, but it seems to be the minority that support this liberal viewpoint. Most that do seem to be the same old group and one wonders if he has that many actual supporters.

I do understand from the newspaper that there isn’t a counterpart who is willing to write an opposing point of view.

It seems out of character for a paper to offer only one point of view and then state that they offer other points of view from a few who write an actual article.

It would be fine if this liberal writer offered any solutions in these articles but anyone with only a limited education can see this writer is not able to offer solutions, only articles that support their narrow point of view.

This so called educator is Jim Crawford for those that have not figured it out already.

Many in the educational field that he proclaims to be a part of do not agree and, in fact, oppose many of his articles.

I am sure there are some like him who do agree but for those who want to expand and be a political force this is not the person who you want to be sided with.

Bernard Carter