Sharing the story of a true hometown healer

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A few weeks ago, I asked people from Lawrence County to submit stories about others from our community who have impacted their lives.

Ironton native Eva Christian took the time to write about a longtime friend, Terri Hannon, of whom she is obviously very fond.

I thank Eva for putting the thoughts of her heart into words and allowing us to read her story. As she has shown in her writing, it is very easy to publicly thank someone else for being extraordinary.

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My hope is that others will follow Eva’s lead.

Here’s Eva’s story about Terri Hannon, who presently serves as the Director of Radiology Services at Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital:

Terri Hannon has been a healer since the day I met her. Let me just say that has been many moons ago.

Terri and I have been friends since childhood and the friendship is a bond that not many people are fortunate to have in their life. What is my explanation of a healer? Upon meeting Terri, at a very young age, she always came to my aid when I was sick or having a bad day and has continued to do so through many ups and downs along the path of life.

I was the only student at Ironton High School who sang in the St. Joseph girl’s choir. That was due to Terri coming to my house one day and asking me to sing with them.

I told her I was not aware of anyone who did not attend St. Joseph High School singing in the choir. She said that was about to change because I was coming with her to practice! I did, and from that day forward I was singing at St. Joe on Sunday mornings.

Many of you know Terri, she lives in Ironton, is a member of St. Joseph Church, and anyone who has been to the Radiology Department at Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital has had Terri greet them with a big smile, a laugh, and most of all, a great big hug.

During the illness of my father, Terri was always there. Not just for me and my family, but most of all, my dad.

He actually enjoyed being wheeled to the Radiology Department because he knew Terri would be there with a joke and a big hug. Upon my father’s passing I turned to Terri many times for her strength and words of comfort.

She has also been there for my mother, at the hospital, during open-heart surgery and other illnesses that are a part of the aging process. Many times, Terri has said to me, “Eve, I am not a doctor.”

Well, to Cindy Fetters, Joani Roberts, me and so many others who have been touched by Terri, she may not be a doctor by education, but she is a true healer.

If you have a story about someone who is truly special to you, I would love to read it and share it with others.

Billy Bruce is a freelance writer who lives in Pedro. He can be contacted at