Gas stations just gouging citizens because they can

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 15, 2011

Do you notice that when the price of oil goes up, automatically the local gas price follows. And as soon as one station raises its price, all others follow, no matter whether they have received a load of gas or not.

In my mind, this is gouging, plain and simple, which is against the law. However, all gas stations do this.

But when the price drops they aren’t as quick to lower the prices.

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We can’t blame either party for this as it goes on under both. Our representatives tell us they will not allow price gouging to go on. However, since both parties receive money from big oil, they all turn a blind eye to this.

This not only goes on in Ohio, but it goes on in all states with nothing being done about it. And big oil companies are allowed so many perks it isn’t funny.

This is a story that was told to me by an executive of Ashland Oil several years ago. They are allowed to pay taxes on gasoline in storage in this manner — first in, last out.

In other words, their inventory is based on the cheapest price that they have and they pay taxes on that. How would you like to pay taxes on what you were paid on your first job?

Our political leaders don’t care for the working man because we only count in the election year.

I have to gripe a little to say I don’t like what is going on.

Homer Campbell