Veteran’s monument proposed for Coal Grove

Published 9:43 am Friday, May 20, 2011

COAL GROVE — A former Coal Grove resident is hoping the village will approve his request to place a monument in the village in honor of local veterans who have died during their time of service.

A Vietnam veteran, 64-year-old Charlie Meadows Jr., now of Ironton, said the project is something close to his heart that he has wanted to do for several years. He spoke with Mayor Larry McDaniel about the project as well.

“I’ve thought about it and talked about it for probably four or five years really,” Meadows said. “I know it’s a process that you have to take some time and get out and work and try and get donations, and we’ll probably have car washes, you name it.”

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The memorial would be a monument in honor of Coal Grove residents who have given the ultimate sacrifice, he said.

Before Meadows can begin the process of raising money for the monument, he must first wait for the go-ahead from the Coal Grove Village Council.

McDaniel said he was behind the project because the village needed a way to “recognize the men that fought in various wars and lost their lives.” He said the council would vote on a location for the monument at a future council meeting.

Some of the possible locations for the monument include Paul Porter Park, in front of the village townhouse or in Newton Cemetery.

“It’s not going to be some monstrosity,” Meadows said. “We’ve come up with a couple of ideas.”

One of the ideas, he said, is a pyramid-shaped stone with each soldiers name and the war they were in.

“We’re in Afghanistan and we’re still in Iraq, but we’ll leave room and hope and pray there’s nobody else.”