All-Ohio Vally Conference Baseball & Softball

Published 3:06 am Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All-Ohio Valley Conference

2011 Baseball Team

First Team

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Player, School

Brandon Noble, Chesapeake

Jake Murphy, Coal Grove

Jared Eldridge, Coal Grove

Jonathan Baise, Fairland

Chad Fisher, Fairland

Alex Thackston, Fairland

Eric Riley, Fairland

Cody Massie, Rock Hill

Devin Darby, Rock Hill

Drew Kidd, Rock Hill

Jonathan Schob, Rock Hill

Kyle Dickess, South Point

Austin Jeffreys, South Point

Cody Wimmer, River Valley

Jacob Brown, River Valley

Honorable Mention

Tommy Noble, Chesapeake

Jake Lewis, Chesapeake

Cody Gool, Coal Grove

Cody Pennington, Coal Grove

Alex Warner, Fairland

Matt Campbell, Fairland

Shane Russell, Rock Hill

Ryan Hackworth, Rock Hill

Jesse Lien, South Point

Brandon Boggs, South Point

Tyler Noble, River Valley

Trey Noble, River Valley

Coach of the Year

Barry Litteral, Rock Hill

Bryan Ward, Fairland

All-Ohio Valley Conference

2011 Baseball Team

First Team

Player, School

Sarah Mayo, Chesapeake

Sarah Rice, Chesapeake

Shelby Haynes, Coal Grove

Sashe Burcham, Fairland

Stormie Spitzer, Fairland

Chelsea Harper, Rock Hill

Morgan Schug, Rock Hill

Brooke Hanshaw, Rock Hill

Morgan Damron, Rock Hill

Kayla Fletcher, South Point

Ashley Goodall, South Point

Andrea Kleinman, South Point

Katelyn Birchfield, River Valley

Kelcie Carter, River Valley

Honorable Mention

Myky Harmon, Chesapeake

Caitlyn Heffner, Chesapeake

Kaitlynn Murphy, Coal Grove

Morgan Sites, Coal Grove

Jamie Phillips, Fairland

Chelsey Stanley, Fairland

Samantha Nixon, Rock Hill

BreeAnna Depriest, Rock Hill

Katelynn Leonard, South Point

Kaitlyn Brown, South Point

Chynna Mershon, River Valley

Allison Porter, River Valley

Coach of the Year

Mary Jane Harper, Rock Hill