Apparently (Congress) men will be boys

Published 9:47 am Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner, (D, NY) has admitted that the Tweeted photo of himself in the tidy whities is actually him.

Apparently, there are other images of a shirtless Weiner sent to another young woman that have recently surfaced as well. Putting a face to the first image seems to have caught Weiner in his lies.

There is an element to politics and professional sports that seems to be leaving some men feeling invulnerable to public scrutiny. It’s as if they have become so used to having their inner circle protect them from their own bad judgment that they forget the rest of the world out there doesn’t share the same misplaced sense of responsibility.

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What makes Rep. Weiner’s actions so astounding are the tidal wave of recent celebrities from every ilk who have been guilty of the same behavior and suffered some pretty dire consequences. Legendary quarterback, Brett Favre is said to have sent unsolicited naked pictures of certain parts of himself to Jenn Sterger, who had worked for the New York Jets. She was not amused.

Fellow New Yorker, Rep. Christopher Lee (R, NY) sent shirtless photos of himself flexing in the bathroom mirror to a woman on CraigList and ended up resigning his seat in Congress. The married father described himself in the picture as a ‘classy guy’.

Maybe it’s something in the Hudson River that has married men in New York shedding necessary items of clothing or perhaps they’re using a different dictionary for fidelity, service or classy.

None of this apparently made any impression on Weiner who has said he’s not going to resign. That’s an enormous display of arrogance unchecked by the cold wind of reality that should have been whipping around his bare ankles just before he hit send.

He had been the frontrunner for the next NYC mayoral elections but Weiner-Tweet as it shall now be known may have a few people questioning his ability to make sound decisions.

Not the people right around him, mind you. They have probably already shared similar photos with their boss in a show of bonding and brotherhood. However, voters make up much larger numbers and may see things a little differently.

Perhaps he could take a gander down the interstate toward North Carolina and watch what’s happening to former golden boy, John Edwards. Edwards thought that cheating on a dying wife, allegedly using campaign money to silence everyone around him about the affair and love child and then leading the press on a merry chase through a hotel lobby as he tried to run away, would all eventually blow over.

Shortly after admitting the truth he even raised his speaking fees to public colleges. It boggles the mind what he thought taxpayers were going to get for their money either in public office or on public campuses.

But this past week Edwards was subpoenaed by a grand jury to answer questions about the money trail and may be facing federal charges.

Rumors of impending charges have been in the wind for months and yet all of that did nothing to slow Weiner down. He was like a dog with a bone holding a phone signed into a Twitter account with mostly young babes as followers.

The real victims of course are not the voters or the sports fans because we can turn our attention elsewhere and try to make a better choice the next time.

There’s a little bit of a sting for having supported the guy but we don’t own property with him.

However, there are wives and children who are having to watch the hullabaloo and suffer through it on a national level and they can’t so easily turn the other well, cheek.

Martha Randolph Carr is a nationally syndicated columnist. Email Martha at