Faith in God can restore town to its past glory

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 12, 2011

I was born in this town 78 years ago. I love my hometown and am very sad to see all of the changes that have come in the past few years.

I am so excited about the Joshua Walk that will be taking place in a couple of weeks.

I know that God can take care of all of our problems in our town if we only humble ourselves, pray and ask for forgiveness.

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I would like to see God heal our town of the addictions that have taken hold of our community: drugs, alcoholism and gambling that have taken our families away from their homes.

I am so excited for our town. I know God is the answer. We have been so oppressed in this area. We need jobs that can support families.

We need for our families to be stronger, with God at the head leading us. Our churches need to be full on Sundays, not our bars each night.

We have taken prayer and God out of our schools. Well, how are we doing? Drugs, alcohol and immoral sex are rampant. We need our God back in our schools.

I am praying every day for my town. I love it. I am so excited for the Joshua Walk that has been put into motion.

I serve a mighty God and I for one will be praying for his return to our community. I know he is a faithful God.

Rosalie White