Mayor shows hands-on attention to problems

Published 9:07 am Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flat, lifeless hair is a girl’s worst nightmare. Mine happens to be caused by poor water pressure at our house.

When my husband and I go out of town and stay in a hotel, we are always presently surprised at the pressure of the shower. Its heavenly.

We return home to the same trickle from our shower head. Our family looks as if we are performing a tribal dance just to rinse the soap off.

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Plumbers are perplexed. The water company says the pressure is fine.

Is the answer dragging the pressure sprayer out of the garage to just get some volume in your hair?

Finally, the answer occurred to me — the city mayor. I contacted Rich Blankenship at his office and explained the concern. He advised me that it would be investigated.

I expected a water department worker to show up, once again, to check the pressure.

I was presently surprised to see the mayor of our city one evening at my door. We invited him into our home.

He checked the kitchen sink, shower and even the hose outside. He asked questions.

In the end, he offered to replace our meter and encouraged us to call him back if that did not resolve the problem.

When most government officials are hiding behind their office doors during difficult economic times, our city mayor made it his responsibility to extending a helping hand.

Iris Kelley