Columnist not in touch with political reality

Published 8:56 am Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once again, Mr. Jim Crawford is writing with the Democratic scare tactic directed to older people.

His article that claims Republicans are against Social Security is wrong.

Social Security is going broke because both parties have raided it for their own pet projects and left IOUs in its place.

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This is from not just one but both parties, and now it is nearly broke.

Second, he talks about NASA and the EPA. Let’s look at the good of the EPA.

They have made it so hard on the electric companies that the coal-fired plants are closing, electricity is costing much more now and men are losing their jobs. Plus, we can no longer drill for oil in the Gulf. However, China, Brazil and Mexico can.

Good job EPA.

Third, I can agree with him that we have troops in countries that we have no business being in such as Japan, England, Germany and Iraq. Let’s bring them home and put them on the border with Mexico.

Fourth, his figure of taxes on corporate companies is wrong.

The federal tax alone ranged from 15 to 35 percent. The middle class is like a couple who file a standard return of $61,700 with only the standard deductions. They pay less than 9 percent, or $5,469. Those who make less, pay less.

Fifth, fewer illegals are coming here as they can’t find work just like us because of Obama’s great plan to break America by spending us into bankruptcy.

Sixth, Obama’s not raising of the debt ceiling will further push us into bankruptcy. How long can we afford to go $1.6 trillion dollars deeper in debt per year before we can’t pay?

The national debt is now at more than $14.3 trillion dollars but it seems that is what the Democrats want.

Now skip to 10. As for his Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), show me the savings. As my drug bill has gone from tier one (generic) zero co-pay to tier 3 (generic) 20 percent now up from December to January, and my doctor and hospital bill has increased dramatically.

Also, seniors used to be allowed out of the nursing home in the hospital 30 days a year, which has now been cut to 15 days effective July 1, 2011.

Again, tell me how good I have it under Obamacare. Then in order to hold your room in the nursing home you must pay more than $150 a day.

Again, these are facts, not figures pulled out of the air by a former educator. I was a former supervisor, but my writing is fact, backed up by facts.

Homer Campbell