Governor fails to show true ORV analysis

Published 8:57 am Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gov. John Kasich may have technically lived up to his word, but it certainly appears to be little more than a token effort and leaves many questions unanswered.

That’s about the only way to describe what occurred with the Ohio River Valley Youth Correctional Facility. Kasich met with representatives from the prison and the community on Monday, promising to review the information provided.

Barely 24 hours later, the governor sent word that he had made his decision and that the Department of Youth Services’ plan to close ORVYCF in September will stand.

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As if that wasn’t bad enough because it appears the governor didn’t take much time to really analyze all angles, he didn’t even have the class to tell the representatives himself, instead sending word through an aide.

This is the final act in what has been nothing but a botched situation from the start. DYS seemed to have its mind made up from the start, offering virtually no explanation as to the process used to make this decision and what facts were considered.

The governor is allowing such a significant decision to be made without fully understanding the impact it will have on hundreds of southern Ohio families. Kasich hasn’t visited the facility recently and hasn’t done anything to publicly explain what the plans are for it once it closes.

Even if, as the state says, this was the best solution to save more than $40 million, the way it was handled is a disgrace and disrespects all Ohioans.

The governor can say that he did his part, but it is up the voters to see through this thin political spin.