Proctorville renewal levies on ballot

Published 10:09 am Friday, July 22, 2011

PROCTORVILLE — This November Proctorville village residents will vote on whether to renew two operating levies.

“These levies have been in existence as long as I can remember,” Darrell Legg, the village clerk-treasurer, said.

The current expense levy is a 2.5 mil that pays for the streetlights and the 1.5 fire protection levy goes for the expenses of the village’s fire department.

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The current expense levy will bring in $10,500 and the fire, $5,700, according to the auditor’s office.

“They will not raise anyone taxes,” Legg said. “A lot of people see a levy and think their taxes will go up. If we had done them as a new replacement levy, it would increase taxes. We wanted to keep taxes the same and not impact the property owners.”

The current expense, once referred to as the streetlight levy, went on in 1987, while the fire levy began in 1982.

“As a renewal it leaves the millage at the rollback amounts that have occurred over time,” Chris Kline, deputy auditor, said. “A rollback is a reduction in millage rates caused by property values increasing over time. If it would be a replacement, it would start over at the full rate. It is less because property values have gone up.”

The 1.5 mil fire levy is now rolled back to .67 mils and the 2.5 mil current expense is at 1.16.

“We hope they support them,” Legg said. “It is essential to the operation of the village. It keeps the lights on at night.”