Congress needs to stop acting like children

Published 5:03 am Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Members of Congress were not elected to do nothing. They were elected to solve problems. Right now, they face an urgent obligation — raising the federal government’s debt limit — but so far, many of them are as inclined to work together as toddlers are to share their toys. …

Congress must act by Aug. 2 or the government will begin to default on payment of its bills. Actually, agreement needs to come before then, to allow time to write and pass the legislation and send it to President Obama for his signature.

… The so-called Gang of Six — three Republican senators and three Democratic senators — presented a deficit-reduction plan for the next 10 years that could be the foundation of an agreement that would allow the debt ceiling to be raised.

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Various elements of this plan had to be hard for the most conservative and most liberal members of this “gang” to swallow. But they persevered, showing the nation that members of Congress can act on a larger, longer-term issue than their own partisan interests.

No member of Congress who respects the people he or she serves would even dream of letting the worst-case scenario with the debt limit play out. Six of 535 have shown the kind of leadership Americans need to see. How many others will join them?

The (Canton) Repository

British news scandal not representative of all media

The shocking and disappointing news that the News of the World, one of Britain’s leading tabloids, violated nearly every journalism ethical standard possible should not mean that people should paint all media with a broad brush.

What has occurred at the News of World is wrong and not something that is practiced by all in the media. …

In the News of the World debacle, members of that paper reportedly hacked into cell phones and bribed police to get information on politicians and celebrities. The allegations have led to resignations at the paper and Scotland Yard.

While maybe such actions by the tabloid media in Britain is not so shocking, the News of the World is part of the Rupert Murdoch media empire that includes The Wall Street Journal and Fox News here in the U.S. Those have been well-respected and often-cited sources of news for the American public. …

There are many ethical standards that journalists and the media follow in this country. Violating those standards is not tolerated.

We journalists have an obligation to be as correct as possible, fair and balanced in our reporting. It is something we strive to achieve with every story every day.

So, don’t assume what you read and hear about the scandal in Britain applies to all the media, whether those media are in the U.S. or in Britain.

The Lima News