New web calculator shows levy costs

Published 10:22 am Friday, August 12, 2011

Confused about how to vote on the upcoming property tax levies? Would knowing how the issue would hit the pocketbook help?

With a new feature on the county auditor’s website, property owners can get a pretty close idea of how much their “yes” vote will cost them.

“It gives more information for voters to help them decide,” County Auditor Jason Stephens said. “It is not an endorsement for or against.”

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Property owners can go to the auditor’s website and call up their parcels either by parcel number or address. There they can check the amount of taxes owed, the payments made by the taxpayers and the amount of additional tax from whatever levies the taxpayer would be voting on.

Right now there is a countywide levy whose proceeds would fund senior citizens services. Voters in the Village of Proctorville will decide on two renewal levies: one for fire services and a second one to pay for streetlights. Also there is an Upper Township fire levy.

“So parcels in Proctorville will have those Proctorville levies and the senior levy but Windsor Township will just have the senior levy,” Stephens said. “It is an estimate, but an estimate to pennies.”

For example, a commercial property in Ironton that is about six-tenths of an acre has annual taxes of $522 on taxable value of $13,000. The 1-mil senior levy would cost this taxpayer an additional $13 a year, if it passed.

A single-family residence in Proctorville on one-tenth of an acre has annual taxes of $524 on taxable value of $17,330. Of those taxes $10.45 currently goes to the fire levy and $18.11 to the streetlights. If the senior levy passes, that taxpayer would have an additional obligation of $15.60 a year.

“It gives a levy a fair chance with accurate information in front of the voters,” Stephens said.