Published 10:02 am Monday, August 15, 2011

— NKR to the National Bank and Trust Co., Hamilton Township, $27,467.

— Pauline N. Brammer to Seigle and Vivian Baisden, Fayette Township, $36,000.

— Gerald R. Estep to John and Susan Murphy, Elizabeth Township, $51,000.

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— Larry Saylor and Wanda Yerian to Gary Saylor, Upper Township, $44,000.

— William Sikes and Leah Sikes to James Mollett, et al, Rome Township, $200,000.

— Bruner Land Co. to Harold and Sadie Sloan, Washington Township, $24,900.

— Beneficial Finance to Jack Evans, village of Coal Grove, $54,000.

— Leona J. Freeman to Shirley and Rob Townson, village of South Point, $300,000.

— Sadie P. Westmoreland to Henry Carroll, Fayette Township, $10,000.

— James and Angela Dillon to Shawn and Randy Swartzwelder, Donna and Harry Black and Diana and Carl Malone, Perry Township, $8,000.

— Daniel W. Conley and Zonia Conley to Patrick Lovelace, Fayette Township, $149,000.

— Ronald Cochran and Janice Cochran to Henry Clay Mitchell Jr., Fayette Township, $2,000.

— Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Kenneth and Sarah Mason, Rome Township, $60,000.

— Clarence and Abby Fowler to Charli S. Hatfield Stevens and Andrew Stevens, city of Ironton, $81,000.

— Terry Wise, Steven Wise and Luanne Metz to Danny R. and Rita Rowe, city of Ironton, $63,000.

— John and Charmie Moore to Brian and Lori Deer, city of Ironton, $65,000.

— Curtis D. Cooke, et al, to The Bank of New York, Fayette Township, $60,934.

— Noveda Hubbard, et al, to TruCap REO Corp., city of Ironton, $65,465.

— Francisco Ortega to The Bank of New York, Fayette Township, $34,067.

— Arley Honaker to The Bank of New York, city of Ironton, $18,000.

— James and Patricia Estep to William Rigsby, Perry Township, $40,000.

— Patricia J. Lambert to Carla Runyon, city of Ironton, $12,000.

— Elizabeth Dickson to Paul and Tracy Dale, Perry Township, $1,750.

— Jessica McGuire and Kevin McGuire to Lanham Corp., Rome Township, $10,000.

— Steven Lee Jiles to Rickey Bailey Sr. and Anna Mae, Elizabeth Township, $2,000.

— Brittaney Richendollar and William Thomas to MidFirst Bank, city of Ironton, $40,134.

— Cynthia Henderson to Ohio River Bank, city of Ironton, $46,000.

— David Chinn Sr., and Melody Chinn to More Equity Inc., Fayette Township and village of South Point, $39,934.

— Stephen Voigt to Maureen Stitt, Rome Township, $201,000.

— Georgianna Rockwell to Janet Murphy James, city of Ironton, $10,000.

— City National Bank to Cheryl A. Loevenguth and Roger and Shirley Loevenguth, Perry Township, $22,000.

— Carroll Ferris and Patricia Ferris to Harvey McGowan Jr., Windsor Township $65,000.

— Carolyn S. Handley, et al, to PNC Bank, Rome Township, $53,600.

— Thomas Jordan and Laura Jordan to HSBC Bank, city of Ironton, $23,467.

— Charles Christian and Patricia Christian to Kathy Yates, Upper Township, $1,000.

— William Pancake to Beneficial Ohio, Upper Township, $45,134.

— Donald Lowe and Connie Lowe to Deborah Reis Leonardson and Sylvia Reis, city of Ironton, $20,000.

— Rick D. Corn to James and Pamela Plessinger, Aid Township, $8,000.

— Karen Coburn to Roy A. Miller, city of Ironton, $45,000.

— Lloyd M. Webb to John T. and Susan D. Murphy, Lawrence Township, $22,500.

— Dena Callicoat Laton to Sharon and David Irwin, Union Township, $71,000.

— Joseph and Jamie Thacker to Stanley Perecko, Union Township, $145,000.

— Donald E. Adkins and Karen G. Adkins to Tony and Betsy Thompson, Fayette Township, $76,500.

— Federal National Mortgage Assn., to Tonya A. Powers, Elizabeth Township, $6,000.

— Brenda Joyce Childers to Jay Elam, village of South Point, $27,000.

— Roger and Margaret Matheny to Brian Scott and Nicole Boyd, Elizabeth Township, $3,000.