Healthcare act simply about freedom of choice

Published 9:33 am Thursday, August 18, 2011

The letter in The Tribune, Friday, Aug. 12 was titled: “Despite flaws, our government is still the best in the world.”

I agree with that statement 100 percent. That is a fact.

My father fought in WWII. My son fought in many wars during his 25 year Army career and my grandsons have, and are, serving right now defending this great country’s freedoms. We are a patriotic family that loves our country.

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I am sorry that some took my Aug. 9 comments to be an “assault on our freedom” and to be “preaching hatred of our government and our president.”

That was not my intent.

I agree that “to do so would not be helpful.” Neither is name calling.

What is not a fact, is that “the proposed constitutional amendment is known as the Ohio Project…”

It is not known as the Ohio Project. It is known as the Freedom of Healthcare Act.

The Ohio Project is a non-partisan group of hard-working, grassroots citizens.

Granted, some of those citizens are Tea Party members. Some are Republicans. Some are also Democrats. Some are Independents and some are undeclared.

One of the officers for the Ohio Project is a card carrying member of the Democratic party. Thus, we are a non-partisan group, working on a non-partisan issue, driven by a desire to have freedom of choice for our healthcare.

As stated before, that is our only objective, freedom of choice. More than 556,000 Ohioans asked us to help do this, by signing petitions in order to get this issue put on the ballot in November.

Like many others, I depend on Medicare for my healthcare, and agree that “much can be found objectionable about our health care system.”

But the time to debate and refine a law is before it is put into place, not after.

“The 11th Circuit Appeals Court based in Atlanta, ruled on Friday (Aug. 12) that the Healthcare Law requiring Americans to buy healthcare insurance or face a penalty, is unconstitutional.” (Associated Press) and (Reuters).

Let’s do debate this issue and become informed about it, then go and vote in November on State Issue 3.

That is how a democracy works.

Charlotte Rowley, Ironton