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Vendor debacle shows lack of communication

Do you need proof that waiting until the last minute on something, only to then make a hasty decision is a recipe for disaster? Then look no farther than the Ironton city government.

The city council, Mayor Rich Blankenship and city attorneys Mack and Bob Anderson all have ended up somewhat with proverbial egg on their faces because of trying to rush a law through the system that would address vendors fees during special events authorized by the city.

Council debated this concept in multiple meetings and ultimately adopted a proposal that was then declared unenforceable by the city attorneys, just days before it would actually be needed. Then, after Councilman Mike Lutz pointed out that the law would in fact be enforceable, the attorneys reversed course and rendered a legal opinion that trumps the original assessment.

All of this could have been avoided if council would’ve began discussing this issue sooner and not waited until the 11th hour.

Friends of Ironton officials, the organization that sought the protection during special events they host like this weekend’s Rally on the River, say they have been asking for a measure like this for years.

Seeking protection makes sense but council didn’t leave itself much time to review the most recent proposals.

Regardless, better communication and a little planning would have resolved this problem long before it became a public debacle.