Making a difference for the City of Ironton

Published 9:28 am Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Upon taking office in December 2007, Mayor Rich Blankenship was faced with the task of reducing an ever increasing workers compensation premium.

The City of Ironton was facing its largest premium ever! In May 2008, Mayor Blankenship established the Benefit Specialist position and over the past three years, SAFETY became a major focus.

Though it’s understandable that accidents happen, it’s prevention that makes a difference.

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In 2007, Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation paid more than $100,000.00 towards medical claims and indemnity awards for 14 injuries. For year 2011, just over $7,000.00 has been paid toward six claims. The number of yearly claims has been reduced as well as the severity of each claim.

This administration is committed to providing a safe work environment for all City of Ironton employees.

Our efforts include establishing an employee safety team, departmental training and the purchase of tools and equipment to ensure proper safety practices.

It’s our team of qualified individuals that makes sure, you the residents of Ironton, receive quality services. It’s my responsibility to make sure they are given the proper training and equipment to execute said services.

When ensuring safety, we take our responsibilities serious.

The City of Ironton is doing its part to provide a safe work environment for all employees as well as ensuring the taxpayers dollars are being spent effectively and efficiently. Ironton is making great strides in fulfilling our mission to “Look Up and Move Forward.”

Katrina Keith is a benefit specialist for the City of Ironton.