Unique birth shows skills of EMS workers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jacob Michael Thompson will not remember how he entered this world, but it is an event that everyone who was there that day will never forget.

In the more than 30 years that Sherman Thompson Towers in Ironton has been home to a significant portion of the city’s elderly population, there have been many 911 calls for health issues and medical needs. But no one had ever responded to, or even anticipated getting, a call to deliver a baby.

On July 8, that was exactly the cry for help that went out to the Lawrence County Emergency Medical Services. When responders Bill Elliott, Marvin Bishop and Samantha Wood arrived on the scene, it quickly became apparent that they wouldn’t be making it to the hospital in time.

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This baby, the son of Tiffany West and John Thompson, was coming into the world at his grandmother Debbie West’s apartment.

Thankfully, because of the experience and expertise of the responders, everything went well and a healthy baby boy was welcomed into this world.

This is a testament not only to the Lawrence County EMS as a whole but also to the workers’ training and their cool heads under pressure that made this possible.

For that, they are recognized with this week’s “Good News, Good Neighbors” spotlight.

Thanks to everyone involved, Jacob will always be able to tell this story with a happy ending that is about his happy beginning.