Escorted travel not just for 80-something crowd

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 25, 2011

A few weeks back while speaking at a civic club meeting a person blurted out, “Oh my gosh…you’ve been everywhere!”

Smiling I followed with, “No I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list!”

If your club or organization needs a speaker just ask me. I love to talk travel, tourism and beyond.

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At this same session the topic of escorted tours came up. A quick show of hands and I discovered that collectively the audience held the notion that escorted travel is stuffy, regimented and only for the 80 something gang.

They’re wrong in holding on to that outdated myth! And here’s why!

Escorted travel today is not the old “if it is Tuesday I must be Belgium” tour. There are plenty of tour options available to suit the needs of just about any traveler and their budget. They range from one city stays, intensive in depth regional journeys to even the old fashioned “Grand Tour”.

One of the newest travel products is the multi-generational tour. Imagine traveling through the heart of Europe with your spouse, your children and grandchildren.

As a mid 20ish year old recent college graduate you can explore the land of Down Under and the Outback with a group of your peers.

Yes there are escorted tours for the 18-35 year olds. A very large national travel company recently launched an escorted cruise and tour company just for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender niche market.

Escorted travel is a shared journey of discovery that expands the traveler’s horizons both geographically and culturally. It lets you see and do more in a worry-free way.

Participants get the highest value for their money and a combination of fun, excitement, and education. A greater understanding of diverse people and their cultures is promoted throughout the vacation, enriching travelers’ lives.

More importantly, escorted travel brings people closer to the world around them and to each other.

Let me share some of my thoughts on the benefits of escorted travel with you. This is my short list so if you want the unabridged version we’ll have to talk about one on one.

Tours offer more travel value! Because tour operators buy in volume, they save money and are able to pass along the discounts to you, their customer.

A day’s escorted travel that includes hotels, sightseeing, transportation, and a tour director can cost 30 percent less than a single hotel in some cities.

Tours are generally hassle free. All aspects of the trip are planned, including hotel, sightseeing, some meals, and even luggage handling. Itineraries are pre-planned, allowing for a more enjoyable travel experience.

Many even include impossible to get features like an English only audience with the Pope.

You avoid the language barriers, Tour directors speak fluent English and the local language of the country visited. Because of the tour director’s English-speaking abilities and comprehensive knowledge of the destinations visited, passengers will not miss any highlights on their tours.

You travel with confidence and reliability! Transportation routes and hotels are in safe and reliable areas.

Many companies have been operating these tours for years so you get a tried and true product.

You’re not on your own and help is available if needed. If travelers have trouble with their health, for example, there is someone available who knows just what to do.

You make new friends! You meet other friendly, interesting people and enjoy them throughout the trip. Remember that you all have common interests in your destinations and attractions.

There is a very good chance that you’ll correspond with one another after returning home.

They are relaxing. One of my worst trips was a self-driving tour of England. They drive on the wrong side of the road and all I recall are stone fences, roundabouts and parking place issues.

On my next trip to Jolly Old England I left the driving to someone else.

On a tour you are able to unwind and enjoy the sights. Just knowing that all the logistics are taken care of and a qualified driver will ensure safe land transportation should allow you to decompress.

You embark on a trip of personal development and discovery. Travelers achieve personal growth from experiences, sights, and sharing activities.

Whether you want to learn about a destination’s traditions, customs, or historical significance, escorted programs are perfectly suited to delivering cultural insight.

Group or organizations that travel together on escorted tours can build fellowship among existing members, recruit new members and even raise funds.

Yes travel can be a great fund raising project but that is a whole different topic. However if you would like to discover how to get your group traveling contact me and I’ll be glad to show you how.

OK that’s enough of my short list. I hope that I’ve given you some great reasons to consider joining an escorted tour.

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