Trustees to landowners: Clean up or else

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wilsons will have seven days to comply

The Upper Township Trustees have agreed to send a letter to a Coryville Road property owner, telling the couple to clean up their property and cut tall weeds or face a bigger tax bill.

Trustee Craig Thomas said Friday he and the other trustees have spoken about the Ron and Judy Wilson property and have agreed to tell the couple in writing they have seven days to cut the overgrown yard and clean up their property.

If they don’t comply with the letter the trustees will clean up the property and put the cost of the work on the Wilson’s tax bill.

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“If there is any structural damage (to the house), we can issue a tear down order,” Thomas said.

The house has sat empty six years after the Wilsons moved into the city. Since then, neighbor Catherine Chatfield has contended with overgrown weeds and a bevy of animals that have made a home in the tall grass or on the back porch of the house next door.

She took her plight to the Lawrence County Commission Thursday in hopes of getting help for her problem. By law, the responsibility for dealing with derelict property lies with the township trustees and the health department.

“I think it is great,” Chatfield said upon hearing of the trustees’ decision to take action.