Voters have to analyze ballot choices

Published 9:16 am Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In less than 30 days. Lawrence County voters will head to the polls to make some key decisions on a local and state level.

The advertising barrage has already started through direct mail, television, newspaper, phone calls and other media. Voters are left with the daunting task of digging through the rhetoric and propaganda to find the facts and truth.

Locally voters will decide upon mayoral candidates, city councilmen and women, school board officials and more. On the state level several key issues will be on the ballot including a referendum on Senate Bill 5, commonly known as the union-busting legislation, and Issues 3 that will attempt to opt out of the federal health care program initiated by President Barack Obama.

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Every issue has two sides and every candidate has strengths and weaknesses. Voters should seek information from a variety of sources and make up their minds for themselves.

Although the 2012 election seems to be the one grabbing all the headlines, this year’s general election can have just as much of a profound impact on our state and our communities.