Feds need to leave Social Security, Medicare alone

Published 10:40 am Thursday, October 20, 2011

Please leave our Social Security and Medicare alone. I have worked hard all of my life to have these benefits.

It is not right to balance the budget on the backs of middle class and poor.

This will be remembered at election time, by me and all the other seniors and middle class.

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Gary Murdock


Columnist can’t see flaws on both sides of the aisle

In every article he writes, Jim Crawford never says anything negative about Democrats and never has anything good to say about any Republican.

In his eyes, all Democrats are good and all Republicans are evil.

This is why I attack the bad in Democrats, who always get a pass no matter what they do, such as Barry Frank, and Christopher Dodd.

Both are Democrats who are at fault for the bad loans and were told this would fail but didn’t heed advice. Look at Bill Clinton and C. Rangle(D-NY).

If these had been Republicans the crying would still be going on. But, since they are Democrats, they were given a free pass.

Do I think that the Republicans are perfect? No, they have made many mistakes, just like G. W. Bush in starting to spend money like there was no tomorrow.

I have written about many mistakes by Republicans who wanted NAFTA, which was signed by a Democrat in Clinton. They are both wrong causing our good jobs to go overseas because of greedy companies.

I am a person who tries to vote not only for Republicans but for the person who will do the best job while in office.

However, many of both parties say one thing and vote another.

Mr. Crawford says that the Republicans want to hurt seniors. However, not a single Republican voted to cut $5 billion dollars out of Medicare. Nor did one Republican vote to cause insurance companies to raise the rates for everyone. Nor did any Republican vote on the bill that allowed drug companies to raise some generic drugs from tier 1 (no co-pay) to tier 3 (20 percent co-pay).

Look at the facts, not at the rhetoric of Obama’s last jobs bill.

It is just like his first shovel-ready jobs bill that only put us in worse shape. Instead of creating jobs it went for pet projects in most cases.

This one would not create any jobs for years and has many giveaways to his backers.

We cannot afford any more useless debt. You know you cannot spend yourself into prosperity. Someone always has to pay the piper.

Look at the mob mentality of those who are attacking Wall Street. They say they are an answer to the “tea party,” but the tea party never confronted police nor got arrested for unruly conduct.

They had permits and stayed within the law, unlike this mob of thugs who were created to stir up trouble.

Homer Campbell