Television ads far from telling truth on Issue 2

Published 10:04 am Friday, October 21, 2011

The TV ads run by the proponents of Issue 2 are downright sickening.

The first tried to give the impression that the issue was only about a difference in current retirement and health care contributions when the real issue is about taking away union rights.

The latest would have us believe that the state workers that would be affected make 43 percent more than “the rest of us.”

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The only way that could even approach being true is if they are including things like teenagers’ pay for taking orders at McDonald’s in a comparison with the salaries of people who spent years in training to become the men and women we trust to educate our children, help treat us in times of serious illness, and save our houses from disasters.

I don’t know of any wealthy teachers, nurses, or firemen. Do you?

The only things those misleading ads convince me of is that the supporters of Issue 2 have no honest arguments to put forth, and that they think working class people are ignorant enough to fall for such nonsense, and that we are so stupid we can be tricked into turning against one another.

We need to stand together and let Gov. John Kasich and the state Legislature know we will not be fast-talked into blaming the working class for the current economic problems, or let them use those problems as an excuse to destroy unions.

Please vote “no” on Issue 2.

Steve Belcher