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Every citizen must analyze need of levies

It has not been a secret that The Tribune strongly supports the senior services tax levy. It is simply the right thing to do.

But the variety of local alcohol options and other operating and fire levies that some citizens will face on Nov. 8 are much harder to take a stand on. Many of these impact a relatively small number of people, so those citizens must truly weigh both sides of each issue and make up his or her own mind.

In general, the alcohol sales options makes sense simply because there are other options to purchase beer and liquor both within our county and across the river.

So, nixing these will not curb alcohol use and, potentially, abuse. All it will do is make people drive farther and spend money elsewhere. But, ultimately, it is left up to the voters in those particular precincts and we hope will at least educate themselves.

Voters in Proctorville and Upper Township will decide whether or not to renew long existing operating or fire levies. Athalia voters will choose whether or not to enact two new levies for general expenses and fire departments.

All of these levies have minimal impact on property owners over the course of the year, often just the price of a pizza or two.

The cost of not having adequate fire protection would be much higher.

Ultimately, it is up to these small political subdivisions to weigh in on these issues. But the senior services levy will impact all of us.

We hope taxpayers say “yes” to helping our elderly.