Don’t waste your voice by not voting

Published 10:54 am Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If you are reading this and have not yet voted in today’s general election, we have a simple request: Put down your newspaper or keyboard. Go to your polling place. Exercise your democratic right, one of the bedrock principles our nation was founded upon.

Everyone talks about the economy, the unemployment rate, the price of gasoline and everything else as the biggest problems facing our nation.

Although these are all critical issues, the biggest problem facing our country is voter apathy. These other challenges ultimately can be attributed to the lack of participation in the democratic process by our citizens.

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Ohioans have been asked today to make decisions on many important statewide issues and political races including mayors, council representatives, school board members and township trustees. Regardless of how an individual feels about a particular state ballot issue or candidates, we would like to encourage everyone to cast his or her vote.

The only way we truly have a democracy, that is for the people by the people, is if citizens let their voices be heard at the ballot box. Of course the 2012 general election is getting all the attention because of the upcoming presidential race. But today’s vote could have just as profound an impact.

It usually takes just a few minutes. There is still time.

We hope you cast your ballot and show that you are an engaged part of our society and our democratic process.

Every vote does count — starting with yours.