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Voters have spoken on their vision

The votes have been cast and counted. Candidates have now become elected leaders. The public’s positions on state and local ballot issues have been made clear.

The 2011 general election has come and gone, closing the books on one of the most divisive races in years — although that may be bested by the 2012 presidential race that continues to divide our country and stifle any ability for growth.

But before we, collectively as several communities working together, forget about politics for a little while and go back to our daily routines — as is often apt to happen — it is important that we take a deep breath.

Democracy is built around the concept that issues are decided upon and leaders are chosen by informed citizens. Of course that could certainly be argued based on the vast amounts of misinformation that is spread every year and voter turnout that would be a low “F” if it was a test score.

Still, now is time to rally around those who have been chosen to lead. The community has spoken.

It is important that citizens and fellow elected officials work together with the new members of any given public body.

Nothing constructive can come from continuing to taking sides and focusing on personal agendas.

The voters have spoken and now it is up to government and elected officials to work within the system in place.