Criminals can be thwarted by common sense

Published 9:28 am Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What stops crime? You may think the answer is the police, but the best deterrent is in fact basic common sense.

Local law enforcement authorities have reported an increase in theft and car break-ins in Ironton and elsewhere, a spike we often see each year around the holiday season.

The bottom line is that people can help protect themselves by taking some basic preventative measures.

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> Lock your car doors at all times.

> Don’t leave valuables like phones, purses, wallets, electronics or shopping bags in plain view.

> Park in well lit, high-traffic areas whenever possible. It also makes good sense to ensure your home is properly lit as well.

Lawrence County’s law enforcement agencies do the best they can with limited resources. The same goes for others across the Tri-State.

The reality is that most police agencies are reactive, working to solve a crime after it has occurred. The public can be proactive by ensuring they are not easy targets.

Nothing ruins the holiday spirit like being the victim of a crime.

No one can be guaranteed they are safe from criminals but some common sense steps can go a long way toward keeping this season festive.