BOE interviewing for deputy director post

Published 9:28 am Friday, November 18, 2011


Interviews are taking place today to fill the job of deputy director of the Board of Elections.

The job, now held by Eric Bradshaw, was advertised about a month ago with the board receiving five applications.

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All five candidates will be interviewed today.

“There is a committee, Mark McCown and I, that will be doing the interviewing,” Craig Allen, BOE chair said. “The board will have to make the final decision.”

Recently Bradshaw applied for a disability retirement but the date of his leaving has not been finalized.

Bradshaw has been the deputy director for the past six years taking the job after the retirement of Ella Lawless, who was with the board for more than 20 years. The deputy director must be a Democrat since the director, Cathy Overbeck, is a Republican. There are also two assistants in the office, representing each political party.

The BOE is made up of two Democrats — McCown and Allen — and two Republicans — Freddy Hayes and Carl Lilly.

“The deputy director is the No. 2 in charge of day-to-day operations,” Allen said. “The Secretary of State has requirements and we are supposed to give priority to those with experience on the actual board of elections and education. The directive is that No. 1 it’s experience working in a polling place and second education is preferred.”

The board must certify the official count of the Nov. 8, election on Nov. 28. Allen expects the board to meet to make a choice for the replacement for Bradshaw after that.

“Hopefully, by the next two weeks, the first part of December to make a decision,” he said.

Allen declined to give any details on those seeking Bradshaw’s job other than all candidates are local.