Election board needs best candidate

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 20, 2011

Although politics have to be part of the equation based on the nature of the position, we hope the Lawrence County Board of Elections hires the best candidate for its vacant deputy director post rather than simply filling the position based on who has the most political clout or party ties.

Because of the political affiliation of the individual vacating the position and the state designated structure, the candidate must be a Democrat.

The Secretary of State also outlines priorities that should be the focus including experience and education of the individual.

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We hope the board can make sure this decision is based on more than just a popularity contest and hire the best candidate.

This position is hugely important for Lawrence County and the individual hired has to work hand-in-hand with the director to ensure that our elections are conducted fairly, efficiently and accurately.

Retiring deputy director Eric Bradshaw did a good job and had a strong understanding of the position. Whoever the board chooses will have some big shoes to fill.

Far too often these types of decisions can be made based on political gain and future positioning.

We hope the board moves beyond that and finds the best individual who is most qualified to serve the citizens of Lawrence County in this most important capacity: To ensure that every vote is counted correctly.