America cannot handle any more ‘hope and change’

Published 8:58 am Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What will President Barack Obama promise us in 2012? More “hope and change” from the last election?

Well we really got the change, unemployment from under 8 percent when he took office to more than 9 percent, not counting the millions who have given up looking for work, which totals more like 18 percent totally unemployed.

In his figures he counts part-time workers at fast food as full time workers in order to stay at just over 9 percent, which no-one can raise a family on part-time work.

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Lets really look at “hope and change.”

The price of gasoline when he took office $1.69 a gallon, now he wants it to go to over $7 a gallon, his words not mine.

The insurance premiums have gone way up. The co-pays on drugs have increased. The food prices all have gone up. Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals have been cut by $5 billion dollars, (no Republican voted for this), and the list goes on and on.

Our national debt was just $10.5 trillion dollars when he took office. It is now over $15 trillion and going up every day, while he goes on trips, campaigns on taxpayers’ money, by using the busses that he bought from (not American) Canada.

He has stopped all oil drilling, and the oil pipeline that would have ran from Canada to Mexico, costing us more that 20,000 jobs when we need people put to work.

He sends $569 million to a foreign country to build an “electric car” with no return on this money ever due to us.

Will you tell me just one thing that he has done while in office that has benefited the American people?

He has called the American people “lazy.” Like he has ever done a day’s work in his life.

We must give him credit. He is an excellent talker, but talk is cheap.

When will Obama quit putting this country down and lift us up by firing his phony cronies who he has put in charge of running this country while he goes to play.

Homer Campbell