Kapp not proud of Mosca fight

Published 2:28 am Thursday, December 1, 2011

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Joe Kapp said he isn’t proud of his part in the throwdown last week at the CFL alumni luncheon that has gone viral on the internet.

Angelo Mosca also is disappointed.

The Canadian Football Hall of Famers, both in their mid-70s, have had a few days to reflect on their dustup during Grey Cup weekend in Vancouver.

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“The altercation should have been avoided there because it was a celebration of teamwork and togetherness within the country,” Kapp, also a former NFL quarterback, told The Canadian Press on Wednesday.

“It’s a shame it happened,” Mosca said.

But both men said they did what they had to do.

“Somebody hit me on the side of the head with a cane — a club — so I had to respond,” Kapp said. “I don’t think there’s any person anywhere that wouldn’t respond the way I did.”

Mosca said things got heated after he had a flower shoved in his face.

“I don’t care if you’re the King or the Queen, you’re not going to shove something in my face and get away with it,” Mosca said.

Kapp said he understands the high level of interest.

“Two old farts going at it — I can see the humor in it,” he said from his native California. “But not if you’re a participant.”

The bad blood between Kapp and Mosca goes back to Hamilton’s 21-10 victory over B.C. in the 1963 Grey Cup, when Mosca delivered a controversial hit that sidelined Lions running back Willie Fleming.

Kapp and Mosca were supposed to talk about the hit at the alumni luncheon. Instead, those in attendance were stunned to see a scrap.

A YouTube video — which has over 330,000 hits and counting — showed Kapp attempting to give Mosca a flower as an apparent peace offering and Mosca rejecting the gesture with an expletive.

Kapp then shoved the flower in Mosca’s face, prompting Mosca to attempt to shove it away with his hands. Kapp then swatted Mosca with the flower, and Mosca retaliated by swinging his cane and striking Kapp in the head. Kapp then landed a right hand to Mosca’s jaw, followed by a left that felled the former defensive lineman.

“It wasn’t a hard shot,” Mosca said. “It’s just that my legs aren’t the best anymore.”

After he was helped up, Mosca returned to his chair and then apologized to the room. He said he greeted Kapp when he first saw him, but the welcome was not returned.

Kapp said he wasn’t expecting to get into an altercation.

“I was attempting to be part of the party and out of the blue came this shot,” Kapp said. “The reaction (has been from) all over — I’m getting calls from all the ships at sea.”

Mosca, at 74 a year older than Kapp, said he wasn’t hurt, just more stunned than anything else. Kapp said he injured his head and had to visit the doctor after returning home.

Kapp said he hasn’t held a grudge with Mosca, noting it was their first interaction in about 40 years.

“I thought we settled it in 1964 when we won the Grey Cup over Hamilton and there were no incidents there,” Kapp said.

He said he regrets the incident, adding it was unfortunate they had a disagreement all these years later.

“I usually end up enjoying the party,” Kapp said. “Well this was not enjoyable. It was something that is not a good example for sports people and yet there was no choice. He left me no choice.”