Tri-State Bible College hires new dean

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 4, 2011


SOUTH POINT — The Tri-State Bible College has a new vice president of academic affairs.

Phillip Kinney, of Portsmouth, began his new position, also called the dean of academics, on Nov. 15, according to President Rev. Jack Finch. Kinney replaces long-time dean Ken Law, who recently accepted a position at Liberty University in Virginia.

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Kinney attended the school more than three decades ago before going on to earn degrees from Cedarville University and Ashland University. His late father, Michael Kinney was a graduate of Tri-State Bible College as well.

“I feel it’s a position I trained for all my life, which is working and helping people gain their education,” said Kinney, of his new post. “I have always believed in the college. I also believe in the people that are here. We have a great faculty and members and leaders with vision. It’s a place that I strongly believe in and feel they are doing a great service.”

Finch said Kinney will bring strength to the college’s professional development as well as help further develop student advancement. He will also play an important role in the college’s long-term strategic plan including the structure and of a planned new 18,000 square foot facility.

“We want the building to facilitate academics,” said Finch. “(Kinney will) plan an important role in the strategic planning of the building.”

The new facility is still in the conceptual stages and the college has not determined yet exactly where the structure will be built.

Kinney is also an adjunct professor in the humanities department at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth. Finch said he expects Kinney to “continue with those adjunct responsibilities and opportunities for an extended period of time.” Kinney, whose specialty is English and reading development, also tutors local high school students as well as college students.

Finch said Kinney was chosen for the post because of his extensive administrative credentials and background as well as his higher education credentials.

“He definitely will build professional development for staff members. We have a lot of staff members who are highly degreed on the doctorate levels but there are some areas of higher education that they have to keep upgrading and facilitating in their education,” said Finch. “He’ll bring strength to professional development, hopefully insight to the development of student advancement,” he added, saying “He brings a variety of skills that we need as an institution.”

Kinney’s responsibilities also include ensuring the college is in compliance with the Ohio Board of Regents and Association of Biblical Higher Education requirements. He is also teaching several courses at the college and helps to advise students on appropriate course work.

Tri-State Bible College has about 60 enrolled students at its South Point, Akron, and Paintsville, Ky. locations as well as those enrolled online, said Fitch.

“We’re a small yet accredited university. We offer a lot of different programs, online, hybrid courses, correspondents … We have a variety of delivery systems for students,” Fitch said, “We work hard to think outside the box.”

“We may be small in structure but we’re large in our mission statement and our efforts. We just want to expand and be effective in our mission statement: Training faithful servants for tomorrow, today,” said Finch.

It’s a mission Kinney is delighted to be a part. “It’s more than a job it’s a ministry,” he said of his new post. “I believe in what we do here and what we’re trying to do in the Tri-State area.”