Eddy Test is right answer for an honor

Published 9:44 am Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It is not too often that students get excited about taking another test. But the Ironton Child Welfare Club’s Eddy Test is more than just an ordinary quiz.

The test is given to top students in the Ironton public and Catholic school systems.

To qualify for the test, students at Ironton Middle School must score in the top 25 percent on the fifth grade Ohio Achievement Test. Standard scores in reading, math, social studies and science are totaled and ranked at the completion of the test.

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For St. Lawrence students, the composite scores from nationally recognized standardized tests that measure scores in core subjects are used to determine eligibility.

Students who score in the top one-third of all test participants will receive an Eddy Award and will be honored at the Child Welfare Club’s annual banquet in May.

In this, the test’s 76th year, 30 students earned the distinction and the privilege of taking it. This initiative has stood the test of time and offers a great way to recognize students who excel.

For the milestone anniversary last year the club brought back many of the past award winners and they all talked about how proud they are to have earned this distinction. It stuck with them well into adulthood.

For the club’s effort to keep this tradition alive and the students for their hard work, we commend them and recognize them with this week’s “Good News, Good Neighbors,” spotlight.

Some test results add up to far more than just a letter grade.